Happy Easter – well almost, today is a little gloomy when it comes to the Catholic Easter tradition but this Sunday is where the celebration kicks in. Growing up in a strong religious environment, Easter was and still is a family affair marked on the calendar.
We have a few traditions, some are just like everyone else. Others are steeps in our middle eastern culture.
We avoid meat on Good Friday – and we tend to share a particular kind of meal every year. We go to mass (sometimes I skip this part, sorry mum) and then on Easter Sunday we re-group for a big lunch.
The highlight for me as a child wasn’t really the chocolate. Or if it was it’s not what stands out in my memory. Instead, I always loved the decorated hard boiled eggs and the game that followed.
Today, my mum just boils eggs in leftover brown onion skins which leaves the eggs a rich reddy-brown colour. As children we used to spend time painting the eggs with natural dye. Which, for a kid, you could imagine was alot of fun.
But the best part? After lunch each of us (family of 7) would take an egg. Someone would kick off the game by trying to crack another person’s egg (at either end of the egg) without damaging their own. We’d then work out way through the family and their egg eventually resulting in people dropping off as both sides of their egg cracked under the weight of their opponent. The winner? The last man standing with at least only one side cracked.
What did we win? Nothing… just the excitement and some fun. Then we ate our boiled egg. And, as a child, the symbolism of the egg was a good reminder about new life and forgiveness, (ever the little catholic girl!)
Simple. But a memory that is still living and that I enjoy.
What are your Easter traditions?
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live


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