In The Freedom Project we’ve recently completed week 2 which focused on busting through our attachments – and it’s been so interesting to watch the beautiful members of this project share their insights and discoveries with attachments.

As my beautiful, open-hearted members do the work, I am doing it with them, week on week. It’s been a powerful journey for me so far – one fueled with passionate moments of fear, joy and even overwhelm.

For me, one particular ‘attachment’ showed up that I am now allowing myself to completely release and let go. I wanted to share this attachment with you gorgeous readers as it involves The Wellness Project. I’ve even felt resistance in sharing this with you out of fear of getting pigeon-holed or that I might ‘force’ myself into a corner where I can’t ever get out of. But, in the spirit of #surrender I am being true to what I feel and have decided to share this with you!

The attachment to what once was

For many of you, who have followed this blog since the beginning, you’ll know that there has been a very organic evolution. Over the last 4 months in particular there has been a shift taking place – both within me and therefore within my business. I think it’s really key to highlight here that I do my best to live and breathe authentically in all areas, which means that my business is simply a reflection and extension of me. There isn’t a strategy behind it, I don’t really know what my ‘brand’ is, but I just know that it’s from me.

As you may have noticed there has been less of a focus on ‘food and nutrition’ via this blog. I didn’t plan this, but I have found myself less inclined to talk about it. That’s not to say I am less inclined towards clean eating. I am still passionate about it – but the ‘sharing’ of it seems to have waned a little.

The attachment I have discovered is to the ‘old way’ of doing things on this blog. I can hear my distracting Ego pointing out that I am doing things quite differently to what I did previously and that maybe that’s not a good idea!

My Ego likes to point out:

  • You haven’t written a recipe in ages – your readers won’t like that.
  • You don’t focus much on food and nutrition anymore – your readers won’t like that.
  • You are a Holistic Health Coach – you are supposed to talk about ‘health’.
  • It’s not a good ‘business’ move  – everyone loves food!

Now, before I go on I have to pause here to say that eating clean, caring for my body, and making sure that I am doing the best for it is still of vital importance. It is part of the rhythm of my life – just like breathing is. I  believe that in order to grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves that we must begin by cleaning up the body. Personally, the journey through yoga + clean eating is precisely what has allowed me to begin the journey of going deeper, reflecting inward – learning more about myself and peeling off layer after layer in order to connect deeper and align with me soul.

Journey to the deep

There has been a natural progression for me, openly shared on this blog, and I know that some of you may love this, others perhaps not so much. I am clearly less focused on sharing ‘food’. It IS a form of healing though and one I will still continue to share in some capacity (I’m not sure quite sure HOW yet).

I’m going to be totally upfront – eating well is easy. The only thing that is difficult is when WE (our ego, limitations, fears) get in the way. From the very beginning of my work as a Holistic Health Coach I have ALWAYS said that it doesn’t matter what you eat if you think, feel and behave in a way that, energetically, causes you harm. I don’t care how many green smoothies you drink a day. Yes, they will start to clean up your body, but deep transformation happens when we move past the body. Eating clean will transform your life. It did to mine. It is STILL something that I teach to my clients and something I am so passionate about. The difference? I’m interested now in creating soul-level evolution. I want to connect with the truth of who I am as much as I possibly can. I also want to share this with you.

Be here now and tomorrow will come

The thing is, I can see that my entire journey to this point has been perfectly scripted to get me right to the place my soul always wanted to be. I can’t wait to see what unfolds from here!

I couldn’t go back in time and outline this journey any better. I’ve been completely taken on this ride, joyfully and with ease. Which means that I am completely trusting of how I am feeling now and this shift that is taking place.

Going forward I’m not making any ‘final’ decisions. This things I am passionate about – Good food, clean eating, energetic work, spiritual development, yoga, self-enquiry, meditation, ayurveda – will ALL feature on this blog and through my work. To what level I don’t really know. I’m going to stay in the flow and let it unfold naturally.

What I do know though is that I have BIG dreams for the future. I want to bring all of this to you in new and exciting ways (did someone say The Wellness Project retreat?). I’m seeing workshops, events, collaborations with health experts, ebooks and more. Whatever I do it’ll be grounded in an intuitive, soul-centered approach.

Drop the attachment

I could choose to get caught up in the attachment to what once was – the way I’ve done things on this blog in the past and my concerns for how it will unfold in the future. The truth of the matter is, there is NO past, nor does the future exist. They are but memories or figments of our imagination. So, why should I be in a state of distress and confusion over something so uncertain and unreal?

Today, I choose to completely drop all attachments that keep me limited and held back. I feel the fear and move forward anyway.


Your turn: Tell me – what do you think of the evolution that The Wellness Project has been on this year? Also, can you share an attachment of yours that you are ready to drop?

love + light,


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  1. I love your raw honesty Claire. It always shows through so brightly in your posts.

    I think personal development is a natural progression from food and clean eating and like me, I’m sure many of your others readers may feel the same. Keep being you, that’s what’s great to read!

    Hayley xx

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