I’m not really a big drinker. I’ve tried to be.  As a teenager and in my early 20s. I drank until I threw up the contents on my stomach and then some. I drank until I was so dizzy I needed the wall for support. I drank until 12 hours in foetal position the next day, was all I could manage.

Growing up with a middle eastern sensibility, drinking was never really top of mind.  Drinking in middle eastern cultures really isn’t the cornerstone to socialising like it is here in Australia and other Western cultures. I guess that’s why my efforts to be a drinker failed miserably. I wasn’t conditioned for it. I had to admit a long time ago that I’m just not cut out for it.
I do love a delicious glass of vino over dinner (it makes me sleepy!) or a summery cocktail with girlfriends in the afternoon sunshine… but I never crave it, need it or feel compelled to drink on and on and on…  if the atmosphere is right, the music spot on and the company is good then It doesn’t matter whether I drink or not, I’ll have an amazing time.
I don’t hold judgement at all to drinkers – how could I when I am the minority?! – but it surprises me how drinkers judge me (and other non-drinkers). Over the years I’ve come to realise that my lack of alcohol consumption is like a very harsh reflection to others of their drinking habits, so in turn, I get bombarded with “what do you mean, you don’t drink? How do you relax? Don’t you know how to have fun?”… and on it goes.
This may sound surprising, but I’ve often wished I was a drinker – that I loved it, wanted it and enjoyed it like everyone else. Think about it – it’d be a hell of a lot easier to fit in to the norm… but I am just meant to be this way!

So, why am I talking about drinking habits? Well, we are about to enter the season of drinking itself. Summer. Actually, Christmas + New Years + Australia Day + Summer…the perfect combination for multiple get-togethers, outdoor bbqs, afternoon cocktails, catch-up dinners, parties and… and… and…Despite lacking the drinking skill it’s actually my favourite time of my year – everyone really seems to embrace and love life, sticking a finger up to the year just gone and opening their arms out to a new one.

Either way our main vice? The socially acceptable alcoholic beverage – whatever your poison, it’s there, it’s everywhere!

But, with the high of the silly season… what goes UP must and will come down… comes the low of the hangover.  And seeing as Australians increase their alcohol consumption by at least 3 times it’s no wonder are all riddled with headaches, the general feeling of crappiness, lethargy, bad skin, sluggish system, the tired eyes.

Solution, (I am assuming you don’t want to hear me say cut back!) arm yourself with a few little tricks to manage your health and hopefully stay on top of those hangovers.

7 hangover management tips

  1. Line your stomach with milk – not just an old wives tale. Don’t be shocked, but your body sees alcohol has poison not the delicious beverage that makes you happy and relaxed. So we need fat (in milk!) in our system which stimulates the release of an enzyme called alcohol de-hydrogenase to soak up the booze from our bodies.  It makes sense why we crave fatty foods when drinking!
  2. Milk Thistle really helps the liver detox – a must have herb for a big night out. Helps the liver fight alcohol damage and minimises the length and severity of a hangover – take it a few hours before a night out.
  3. Eat up – Avoid the 2am kebab run but eating a good meal before heading out with lots of quality, natural fats (real butter, milk, nuts, avocados, grass fed animal products) will keep you from getting too smashed and prevent the 2am kebab run.
  4. Liver enzymes need zinc and B vitamins. Eat liver friendly foods like beetroot, tomato, asparagus, a green juice/smoothie, shot of chlorophyll… to help the liver rid itself of the alcohol.
  5. Hydrate. Drink a glass of water for every drink. If that’s not going to happen, down 3-4 glasses when you get home. Rehydrate like there is no tomorrow. It’ll assist toxin release.
  6. Detox through the skin. Dry body brush in the morning to help the cleansing process
  7. Drink freshly squeeze juice (maybe with some beetroot?) and lots of coconut water to provide the liver with electrolytes

So there you have it. 7 tips that don’t cost anything and are really simple to do. If you are keen on getting right into the silly season then at least arm yourself with some intelligent tools. We put that much effort into the preparation for the night out, we can at least do the same for the day after – our bodies and well being is worth it.


Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live



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