How passionate are you?

Now, I’m not talking the Ricky Martin style ‘passion’… although that is very infectious. I’m thinking more about HOW you live your life.

Check out today’s VLOG where I talk about PASSION and I ask YOU to look, objectively at passion and purpose in your life. This VLOG came about very, very quickly after I had three different coaching sessions in one day where passion and purpose came up! I just had to switch the camera on and free-style my way around this topic.


Ok, so to elaborate further, pull out a pen and answer these questions:

  • WHAT are you passionate about and how does that filter through your world?
  • Where do you source passion from?
  • How do you navigate your life through and from passion?
  • What would being passionate mean to you?

What came up for you?

A few years back I was perpetually ENVIOUS of other people I met that OOZED passion.You know the type, right? They smile for no reason at all, they just seem happy and content. Their life os filled with purpose because they are driven by something they are passionate about. It wasn’t that they necessarily DID or HAD something special, it was just that they’d tapped into their true essence and consciously lived each day from there. Sharing it, without even trying, to those around them.

I wanted that. I wanted to feel shiny from the inside out. I wanted to radiate love and happiness because I truly felt it.

It took me a while to find it. And the irony of it all was that what it looked like (yoga and health coaching) was just the dress that my true essence chose to wear. It was the GARB or the presentation of the real, true me. Deep inside there was this intuitive, spiritual little being that was just BUSTING to share, connect, feel, experience, grow, explore, move, breathe… I came full circle to the person I had always been, but had ignored.

The reason I wanted to flag passion with you is because it’s not necessarily about how to turn your passion into a career (I believe that happens naturally!) but about moving deeper into wellness, into YOU, into your true essence from your passion. That desire; the beauty that is passion – it feeds our ‘humanness’ and incites more motivation, drive and clarity around creating and growing and building a more amazing life.

If you can feed passion into everything you do, from the mundane to the amazing you’ll find you live and breath with purpose.


Speaking of passions one of my true, from-the-heart passions is yoga. It’s not so much that YOGA itself was my calling, but it’s the connection to my breath, to the beauty of using my body and feeling proud of it and to the healing powers that it holds that incites passion within me. I can’t pay homage to where I am today (career and relationship wise) without truly thanking yoga. The exciting news? I’m now ready to offer more of my passion to you!

As always, many of my major decisions on this blog I run by you. In the VLOG above I ask for you help in deciding whether to start including some yoga videos on my blog.

After you watch the video please share your own insights and thoughts by popping your answers below in the comments.

I can’t wait to read your comments.

As always, love and light to you!


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  1. Hi Claire, I do attend yoga classes now and then, but given the expense ($25 a class does add up!) I do view some sequences on You Tube. So if you began to share these, I think I would definitely tune in. I love your video style now, so imagine that your yoga teaching would be lovely too.

    In terms of what I would value: I'd love to see practices from 5-10 mins (morning stretches, evening before bed), as well as longer practices too. A series of "how to" poses might work – I know I took a beginners 6 week course only recently to try and understand the fundamentals of each pose, as sometimes at a class you don't get this close up look at all the alignments, to make sure you are getting the most out of each pose.

    All the best with this venture!

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