It’s not easy being bad.
I don’t mean being a ‘baddie’… in the sense of doing bad things to people. When I say bad, I am referencing doing things outside of the ‘should/shouldn’t’ list.
I should answer that email by today. I should vacuum the floor. I should see my parents every week. I should go to work even though I’m sick, exhausted and need to rest. I should just pretend everything is ok. I should stay at home and work even though I just want to read my book at the beach.
Should. Should. Should.
Think about your life? We often live according to others. We don’t say or do certain things because we care what other people might think. We live by routine (which I see the merit in too!). So many of us feel guilty for taking a sick day, so instead we work through a flu, or we don’t tell people when something has upset us because we don’t want to ‘rock’ the boat.

So many boundaries, rules, restrictions. And sometimes I think we spend so much time trying to put out ‘perfect’ to the world (hello facebook, twitter, instagram!) that we are lacking in authenticity, freedom and spontaneity and connectedness to what we really need in that moment.
  • Have you ever just called in sick because you needed a day alone?
  • Have you ever told your friend that, honestly, you can’t catch up today just because you want to do nothing and not talk crap?
  • Have you ever deleted a bunch of new emails in your inbox, just so? Or turned your phone off for a day? Or not instagrammed even though people are expecting to see what pretty pictures you’ve taken?
  • Have you ever not gone to the gym/yoga in the morning and just slept in, without guilt?
  • Have you ever done the exact opposite to what you normally do and been surprised by how much fun it was? Like drinking, when you don’t normally and actually enjoying yourself? Or not drinking and having a great night?
  • Have you ever not gone to a friend’s not-so-important birthday party (after 30 doesn’t a huge bash become a bit ridiculous?) because you’d rather see a friend for dinner than pretend to have a good night and blow lots of cash?

I’m not writing this encouraging us all to become super selfish, ignoring the needs of our friends, work, family, partners. Far from it. I’m asking, do you often put all those people well before your own needs and have you become a little disconnected with what you really want/need in the moment? Can we all just break a few of the tiny little rules we’ve imposed on ourself and just stop. For a moment. And like it. Accept it. Enjoy it. Relish in it.

Can you be bad? Just a little bit?
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live


3 Comments to “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BE ‘BAD’?”

  1. great post, the last 5 years or so have seen me trying really hard to learn not to use the word "should" especially in relation to social activities! I'm a slow learner but I'm getting there! Amanda x

  2. I love this post. It is so aligned with the flexibility and receptivity of the feminine too, I think.
    Literally yesterday I called in sick because I was crying out for some alone time, reconnecting time, allowing the time to step out of the victim loop of stress and aggravation I'd fallen into. I had all that guilt pop up but soothed it by owning that I'd completely let my compass needle stray from positivivity within myself and with all those around me (hello shadow-side, stepping out into visbility!), and that choosing a day to recalibrate was the most responsible choice on one hand.
    I heard an interview with Anita Moorjani this week where she said so lovingly something along the same lines – that now when she has 10 emails to respond to that she 'should' do but she really wants to go to yoga class instead, she will go to yoga class because she knows now that she is 'just as magnificent as they are', so her needs are just as important as those who need things from her… so filling her own depleted basket will allow the authentic and sustainable giving to flow.
    Thank you so much for the authenticity and inspiration xo

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