Recently I blogged that I was hanging out in the plateau between stuff. It’s been good, it’s been great. I needed it. It felt right to be in a space where I wasn’t trying to fix, improve or change anything. But let me tell you something. I am ready to move upwards and onwards from this plateau. I’ve had a few kinesiology sessions that have helped me.

I’m feeling inspired and ready to create.

What changed?

I was sat at my desk looking back over the last 6 months and realised how monumental 2013 had been so far. From a personal and professional perspective there have been some major transformations. I feel so blessed (for the challenges and the wins) to have experienced all of this.

It left me with this strong desire to rev up and make the rest of this year just as special. This desire didn’t come from a thinking space (ego, fear, concern). It came from a heart-space – a feeling that called me to create!

I used to see the few months after July as a downward slope towards the ‘finish line’ – Summer, Christmas, Holidays. And yes, to some degree I still do. But I realised, there’s still 6 whole months of goodness waiting to bloom.

Get clear on your intentions

This realisation had me sitting down and checking in with myself – you can do the same.

  • What do I ultimately want to FEEL over the next few months (I’ve been Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map if you are interested, it’s amaaaaazing!)
  • What do I feel intuitively I am being called to do?
  • What are my intentions for 2013? Have I hit them already or is there a stone left unturned?
  • Do I have any dreams (big or small) that represent success to me?
  • Do I have the capacity to tackle the dreams I have or do I need a dollop of realism here and more a little more intelligently.

Make a map and map it out

Once I got clear on my intentions it was time to sit down and map it out.

Remember, a map is to direct and guide you. But you can also take a different turn!

At the beginning of the year we are all so keen to plan our year out and set goals. I do see goals as an important way to motivate you, but I also see that they can be limiting, especially when you set goals for a full year or when they are coming from a space of ‘lack’!

Here’s what I mean.

Lack = I don’t have X (I think I should, everyone else does, I’m nothing without it) so I’m going to work towards it to get it.

Intuition = I feel this is right for me – I feel called to this.

So, instead, in my opinion, checking in at the halfway point can be a healthier approach. It takes the pressure off ‘ticking things off your list’ from the last 6 months because you thin you should and instead allows you to be honest about what you really care to do. It’s more intuitive. It flows. It’s real – it responds to changes, curve balls, a new and perspective.

With a clearer idea of what my intentions have become I literally write up a list of my top 5 – 10 desires/intentions/goals – whatever word works for you, use it!

I then get super honest. What CAN be done this year? What SHOULD be done this year? What COULD be better done at a different time or totally ditched?

This is an important step – it means I siphon off what is really feeling true for me to create this year, what I still have a desire to do but feel now isn’t the right time and what, really, should be binned because it’s not coming from my truth.

Finally, connect the dots – what do I need in order to make these desires/intentions/goals happen? What’s the map towards it?

Plan it but don’t over plan it!

I love to plan it all out. If your intentions are coming from a ‘feeling’ space then honestly, what we need to do is just take ONE step forward. I’ve written about this before in my Thursday Thought (if you aren’t a friend of facebook come say hi – I put up weekly insights and inspiration!)

If you feel you are called to do something, and then you go about ‘over planning’, what tends to happen is we ‘see’ all the challenges and difficulties in what we are trying to do. Often, the over-planning can lead to some serious self-sabotage. The our idea/dream ends up in the bin out of fear.

So, instead. This is what I do.

Month by month I write up into a little planner my desires/ intentions/goals. I just use one or two words to represent what I want to do. E.g. ebook or holiday or website redesign.

Some months it might be something less life-changing. Maybe it’s a planning month, or a holiday, or a month of attending interesting workshops and seminars. Other months there might be a BIG project that takes up a considerable chunk of time. Either way, by having it down on paper I feel clearer about moving forward.

It’s not until I get closer to that date that I check in and say ‘Ok, how real is this intention?’ And if it is I start to flesh out in detail any relevant steps needed to make it happen. E.g. With my ebook I knew I needed to draft it, brief a designer, research how to sell it etc.

Obviously, for your bigger projects you are going to have to check in earlier and get going on the nitty gritty earlier! But as an example – I have a few ideas simmering away at the moment. I’m just waiting to FEEL if I want to get them going this side of Christmas or the other.

Also, by having my plan down on paper and out of my head I also allow myself the chance to cross something off my list. Remember, this is an intuitive plan – so if I get to a point and realise it’s no longer relevant or ringing true for me then it’s gone! No attachment. No disappointment. No self-judgement. Just gone. Rather than viewing my ‘plan’ as something that binds me or ties me down to structure, I see it as something created from me therefore I can change it at will!

Finish strong

If the rest of 2013 represents well, rest, then that is still finishing strong. If it’s coming from a core desire and true intention, if you live and breathe that experience to the fullest there is power in it.

Whatever you map out from this exercise, allow yourself to embrace it completely and to commit to it wholeheartedly. Move towards the finish line with your desires held within your heart and your power within your hands.

It’s your turn now.

Have you thought about what you desire from the second half of 2013? How do you want to feel over the coming 6 months. What is now important to you to achieve. Where are your intentions?

I’d love to hear from you and hear how you ‘map’ out your desires/intentions/goals.

love + light,

Claire x

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