Daily meditation: Your personal silent retreat

Have you ever been on a silent retreat? Have you spent time in the gentle embrace of stillness and quietude? There is nothing quite like the ‘hush’ that settles in your heart, your mind, your whole being when you take yourself out of your normal life and retreat into silence.

Truth be told, it can be very confronting at first, but it doesn’t take long before your presence within the silence starts to feel like a homecoming. It becomes so natural; tuning into your inner voice is free of the usual static (monkey mind, ego-chatter, negative self-talk), which usually suffocates the truth that is trying to pour forth. Clarity and connection with yourself, hearing your soul-speak and flowing through life feels effortless.

You are forgiven, at this point, for thinking this post today is about attending a silent retreat. And honestly, I’m ok with that being your take-away today, (if you’ve yet to attend one, you should!) but I’m actually talking about a silent retreat of a different kind – the kind that doesn’t cost anything. The kind that is available to you, ready to welcome you, at any time or day. The kind that involves only three things: You, a chair and 10 minutes.

Meditation: your daily, silent retreat.

When we retreat from the external world, and we are willing to enter a state of silence (a calm mind, a quiet heart) we are ultimately entering our inner world – we are moving inwards and entering our soul’s space. We are communing with our highest self where all the truth, love, joy, insight and wisdom we crave resides.

The message in a nutshell: ‘Silence is Golden’

And coming up, very soon, I’m inviting you to join for the 3 weeks of meditation. 3 weeks of your own personal silent retreat. (More info below!)

When I think about meditation there are always three words (amongst many) that stand out and shine. These three words truly, to me, encapsulate the reasons why I and so many others are devoted to meditation.


(also the name of my new Meditation Album!)

Each of these words embodies the peace and surrender that meditation – your silent retreat – is, and so much more:


by pressing pause, quieting the mind and body, serenity, peace. Feeling soft in the silence. Letting the sounds and distractions of the world fall away.


flashes of insight, a direct line to your intuition, inner wisdom speaking out, brightening the truth, Light-bulb moments. Understanding, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion.


in mind, body and soul, heart-to-heart, love over fear, cultivating a relationship with spirit, leading with soul, feeling instead of thinking. Being instead of doing.


Each day, whether I feel exhausted, on edge, overwhelmed, stressed, over-joyed, exhilarated, calm, content, ecstatic (insert any/all feelings here!) meditation is my daily, devoted silent retreat from the world – it is a return back to me. It never fails to give me what I need in that moment. It might not bring me a state of serenity, but this daily retreat might just offer me up a gentle slap or a lesson learned. All nudge me along the path of evolution.

If you haven’t yet committed to your own daily, silent retreat – if meditation is still on your to-do list – then I have something just for you.

The 21 Day Meditation Project: 3 weeks of guided meditation is opening again, for free, on June 2nd.

holiday and festival backdrops

Everyday you’ll receive a 10-15 minute guided meditation from myself or from one of the 10 experts who have shared their beautiful, inspiring and love-soaked meditations. We all want you to experience the power and joy from a daily retreat into silence.

This is for you – whether you joined us in March for the first round, meditation regularly already or believe meditation is just not possible for you.

I want this for you. In fact the flood of feedback and sharing from the first round blew my mind – hearing about people meditating together in hospital, or groups of teenage girls in high school and even retired women meditating for the first time warms my heart from the inside out.

If you are ready to retreat into yourself, if you are ready for Stillness, Clarity and Connection then babe, you are ready to meditate.

If you are in here’s what I’d love for you to do.

  • Jump on my mailing list now. (Sign up details to join the 21 Day Meditation Project will be sent out to this list)
  • Pencil it in your diary – June 2nd, 2014.
  • Share this with your friends – perhaps consider creating a team of meditators to keep you on track and to share your journey (your silent retreat) with.
  • Create a sacred space at home – a special chair by the window, a cushion in the corner of your living space, an altar and candles in your favourite spot.
  • Set the intention and commitment to your daily silent retreat.


I want to hear from you, now: Did you join the last round of the 21 Day Meditation Project? Share your experience and feedback below!

If you’ve yet to experience meditation share with me your thoughts – are you keen, nervous, excited, disbelieving?

Love + light,

Claire x

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