Cutting cords of attachment from the people that hold you back

Sometimes we just have to make the cut. Slice through the energetic cords that attach us to those people that hold us back.

Cutting the cords of attachment we have with people isn’t easy… but at some point, it has to be done…and you’ll know who and when! I bet you’ve got someone in mind, right now, simply from reading those first few sentences?

You know, ‘that person’ might not be in your life at this point in time. They could be simply a memory, in your head and in your heart, from the past.

‘That person’ might be the bus driver, that snarled at you and barked a grizzly response to your request for direction.

Or maybe ‘that person’ is someone that has recently pissed you right off… and you are still carrying it, in your body, your bones, your mind…


If you know you have an energetic cord with someone, you’ll want to watch this video. It’s a quickie (less than 4 minutes) where I share how to disconnect and cut, for good, that unhealthy holding-you-back bond.


P.s the video cuts a little short at the end – I had editing issues!


Some thought-starter questions to help you once you’ve watched the vid.

  • Who am I still connected, energetically too?
  • Why is that bond still there?
  • What role does that cord play in my life?
  • Is that connection weighing me down?
  • What would it feel like to cut that cord?

The truth is, we all need to cancel, clear and delete many of the bonds and ties we’ve developed over time. We simply need to be honest about what is no longer serving us and who is holding us back.

love + light,

Claire x

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12 Comments to “Cutting cords of attachment from the people that hold you back”

  1. Always Claire, you bring up topics that are on the list of things that I get asked the most about. Especially when dealing with relationships that are not nourishing to a person.
    Great VLOG. As always. XX 🙂

  2. Hi Claire,

    I found this really inspiring. It really makes me think deeper about the people in my life who are holding me back.

    Thanks for another thoughtful post.

    Jenna xx

  3. Hi Claire!!

    I’m amazed haha again this is exactly what I needed to hear. I traveled this morning and I spent the whole trip thinking about this because I feel a huge urge to cut cords of a few relationships of mine, I’m a high emotional person and this past days I felt quite bothered about this aspect of mine (I’m having some issues with my father and this is bringing a lot of things up for me to work on). I feel that it’s time for me to let go of a lot of stuff so I can live fully this new phase I’m into but at the same time I have this attachment to the energy of people around me, if I put my guards down I get involved with their energy and it makes me feel icky and stuck. I actually find myself very frustrated at times when I noticed I get my energy field icky because of others… and then I turn on my laptop to read this post… <3 I love you my dear! haha thanks for the sweet push into my cutting cords moment 🙂 Xoxo and much light to you!

  4. Thank you for this Claire. I have heard/read about cutting ties with people in so many arenas, but I have NEVER before thought or read about cutting the cord energetically. I always thought I had to actually end a relationship or do something outwardly. This is a whole new concept for me of letting go of a person inside. What a freeing exercise!

  5. Hi Claire,
    In terms of cutting cords with people who aren’t necessarily present in your physical life but are still present in your online activity, do you recommend talking to them, telling them why you are letting them go or just going ahead and severing that tie?
    Thanks x

  6. I really loved this video. It is so refreshing to be reminded that we have the power to energetically set ourselves free. Thank you so much Claire! You are amazing and I love your work! Xo

  7. I completely agree with this article! I feel as though we often talk ourselves out of disconnecting from ones who are close to us who are effectively holding us back.

    I came across this ad and it resonated well with what I was thinking. Instead of surrounding myself with those who create struggle and chaos in my life, I need to surround myself with nurturing and caring relationships, i.e. to “make love, not war”

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