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Please note: I’m working on my addiction, I mean ‘relationship’ with email. I’m aiming for more time to dedicate to my beautiful clients, heartstorming new, creative projects, and being in the real word MORE.

I’ll only be checking my emails 1-2 times per day and my emails will be short yet soaked in love. Which means a win-win for the both of us – less time online = more time doing the things we love.

Every email is important to me. YOU are important. Thank you for taking the time to connect. So much gratitude to you.

A little note on emailing support:

I say this with love – unfortunately, I am unable to offer free advice, coaching and support via email. Of course, YOU matter to me, so I would be PUMPED to work with you as your dedicated and devoted coach, if you feel called to. Check out my 1-on-1 coaching packages HERE for further information.

For the mamas out there please visit Om Mama Love – this is a monthly membership site that will support you to reconnect with stillness, presence and clarity through meditaiton and mindfulness. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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