Recently I attended a small, intimate talk with spiritual leader BK Jayanti. It was such an incredible experience. Besides the fact that, as she was talking I felt myself so completely present (there were no other thoughts or distractions in my mind), it was always such a divinely timed experience for me.

This year my meditation practice has really grown new roots. I have been meditating consistently for almost 4 years but in the past I’ve had bouts of wavering dedication. But over the last 12+ months my practice has become constant and resolute.

BK Jayanti spoke to us about meditation as a powerful self-practice tool to connect within in and cultivate such a level of awareness that it’s near impossible to live unconsciously.

There was one particular phrase, out of the entire hour, that has stuck with me since… BK Jayanti said these words and my perspective has since changed forever…

‘Connect to the treasures within you’

What exactly does that mean?

For many of us, when we are first exposed to meditation we have this idea that we should be blissed out, feeling joyful or even so completely relaxed we feel almost stoned.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t always feel that way. I rarely feel such ecstasy when I meditate. Often I spend my 20 minutes slowly drawing my attention back to my breath, my mantra, the present moment. Sometimes I am half-asleep, dipping in and out of bizarre dreams. Other times, when I’m lucky I’m graced with a feeling of complete lightness + distortion of the world around me that it feels surreal and out-of-body like.

What I do always feel though is a deep connection with myself – my essence.

Connection + Clarity

There are two things I’ve noticed over the last year of devoted meditation practice and that is this unbreakable bond to my own heart – my truth and the other is moments of crystal clear clarity. Whether I’m looking for an answer, a moment of insight, some solace or clarification on a problem, meditation opens me up enough to find what I need, already within.

As BK Jayanti said those words – ‘Connect with the treasures within you’ – I immediately had a sense of knowing. I got it. I understood loud and clear.

Within us is an infinite well of knowledge, truth, joy, love, peace, beauty… there is pure, unadulterated gold within! Meditation creates the vehicle to connect within and to find the treasure chest of your own essence. And when you do find it you are invited to crack it open and reveals the gems of your soul.

The only person that can access and bring out your treasures is you! You have a gift, a talent, a way of thinking, an approach, a light, an energy that no one else has. Yes, we are all one – we come from the same, infinite energy. That all-powerful, undefined and uncontained energy has manifested itself into billions of individual billions with their own unique stamp – their own treasures.

Living a soul-centred life

The two practices I ritually devour that allow me to rejoice in and celebrate my own unique treasures are yoga and meditation. It would be wrong of me to down-play their role in where I am today – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially. I live a passionate, purposeful and soul-centered life because these practices coaxed me to connect with myself… my own treasures.

If you haven’t yet embraced meditation then I invite you to answer these three questions for yourself:

1) Why does Meditation resonate with/call out to me?

2) Why do I think I’ve yet to experience it/commit to it fully?

3) How would I feel to not ever enjoy a devoted meditation practice for myself?

The point of light meditation practice

To help you on your way I’m going to pass on here the meditation practice that BK Jayanti taught us. It is a beautiful and simple  practice from the Raja Yoga branch.

  1. First, sit comfortably. Feet flat on the floor, spine supported, hands resting in your lap
  2. Instead of closing our eyes, soften your gaze downwards or focus towards the third eye centre – try not to fixate on a specific object though, we are going for ‘bedroom-eyes’ so avoid staring at anything.
  3. Draw your attention, awareness and energy towards a point within the centre of your brain. To find this point, first take your attention to the third eye point, between the eyebrows and imagine drawing a line straight back into the centre of your brain. Do the same with the crown of your head – find the centre point and imagine a line drawing downwards. Where the two lines meet (near the pineal gland) this is the focus point.
  4. Imagine a point of light and draw your attention there. This is the point of the soul.
  5. Make the decision to manage your thoughts and be open to letting go of distractions. Focus your thoughts on the source of light.
  6. Remind yourself that you are not the body, but the being within it. Stay present to the soul within you.

Surprisingly this practice, even with the eyes open, was pretty profound. It was deeply relaxing and allowed me to stay present. Definitely give it a go.


Tell me, if you meditate – what do you get out of it? What treasures have you found within?

Try the above meditation practice and let me know how you go!


With Christmas around the corner, the season of gift-giving is powered up and in full swing with many of us ‘gifting’ a treasure to someone else. I invite you, as a gift to yourself, to commit to creating space to meditate so you can access the abundance of treasures you have within you. Know this, each and every time you meditate and open yourself up more to your own truth and the gifts within you, you are gifting the rest of the world and those around you.

As you clean-up your energy and vibrate at a higher frequency, you can only share such positive vibrations with others… the knock-on effect is beyond explanation.

love + light,

Claire x

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  • Get your FREE ebook: 21 Days to Free Your Mind, Fuel Your Body & Feed Your Soul