I don’t really get too swept up in the Christmas (and new year!) craziness. Mostly, I’ll admit, I’m not too fussed about boozy social parties anymore. But I do truly enjoy the extra time to catch up with friends and family.

That being said, life still goes on after Holiday Season… we still have to function everyday with energy and vitality. So staying on track (mostly) is important to me and most of my clients. I encourage you to value it too, especially if starting 2013 on the right foot is a focus for you.

So here are a few of my foolproof tips to get you through the season.

1) Don’t spread yourself too thin. Try not to get caught up in the perceived ‘need’ to catch up with every man, woman and their dog over the season. This might sound a little odd, but if you and these friends live in the same city and see each other regularly then trying to squeeze them in isn’t really a priority?

2) Be with those that matter. Dedicate your time to the seeing the people you feel drawn to or have the desire to spend time with. Let’s be honest, we can’t be everywhere at once, so make your holiday season special by connecting with those that matter.

3) Block out time for YOU. It’s been a long year. Think about it – last Christmas is a very distant memory. So mark out some ‘me’ territory and do exactly what your body and mind is calling for. Sleep in, long walks, journaling, go on a retreat, be alone – and enjoy it, read in the sunshine.

4) Cook. Are you one of those people that always says ‘if I had more time I’d love to cook up a storm?’. Well, now you have the time – have a friend (who’s into good, healthy food!) over, choose something fun and interesting to cook and have a go!

5) Spread the love. That’s what it’s all about right? Take some time to send a few emails, cards, notes, or even a phone call to someone in your life you are grateful for. Tell them why you love them, just because you can!

6) Indulge. Just a little. Why not? It’s all about balance right?

7) Don’t fall off the wagon. One or two days of indulgence doesn’t mean that you’ve undone all your good habits. Just wake up the next morning as if it was a normal, healthy and happy day. Eat well, exercise well, keep your routine.

8) Switch off. Even for a few days ditch the phone, iPad, facebook obsession, twitter tweeting etc. We all do it. But do we all switch off enough? I doubt it.

9) Get creative. Make up a vision board, write up some intentions for the new year. Become aware of where you want to go and believe it’s possible!

10) Being healthy isn’t boring. Make up some delicious healthy treats and take them to any occasion where you might be tempted to eat crap. Try bliss balls, or cacao brownies. Even make up some fruity ice teas if you are trying to stay off the booze!

11) Move. Daily. Stick with your usual routine or try something new. Yoga and meditation is a fantastic way to stay open, flexible and strong whilst releasing built up toxins and stretching new life back into the body after a long year!

12)Breath. Sometimes it’s a little chaotic around this period. Remember this is a time of rest and rejuvenation so step back, press pause and breath!

Wishing you love and light. Happy Holidays and stay safe.

Saha to you,




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