Chakras. Healthy Food. Oracle Cards: 3 Things I’m Loving.

I’m not going to lie; there hasn’t been much on my radar for the last few weeks. The first trimester of this pregnancy really had me disconnect from the world in the big way – I was barely online, the mere thought of scrolling through instagram or facebook made me feel nauseous. And my social life pretty much came to a halt.

But since I’m now well into my second trimester I’ve slowly been emerging from what I can only describe as a hangover meets flu meets stomach bug meets depression (pretty picture right?!). Recently, I’ve delightfully been able to reconnect and soak up some life again.

 So let me share with you the few but very special things I love right now.

1. My Chakras + SoMM + Belinda Davidson

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the chance to listen to this interview I did with my Spiritual Mentor, Belinda Davidson (if not, you MUST. CLICK HERE) where we talk about Chakras, finding your purpose and authenticity. Well, in it, I openly declare that “I love my Chakras”… and gosh, I really do.

I first learned about these spinning energy centres during my Yoga Teacher Training some 5 years ago. For most of us, it’s easy to connect with them on an intellectual level. I could wrap my head around it. Fascinated somewhat, but did I truly get it? Was I living in reference to and from healthy, happy Chakras? Did I know how to work with them? Was it possible for me to harness their power?

The answer was a resounding NO. That is until the divine Belinda Davidson entered my life. Over the last year I’ve been working consistently with Belinda and my Chakras to create a life of purpose, passion, inner and outer health, flow and love. Not to mention that working with my Chakras has directly led to a deep acceptance that I am meant to be a mamma, and that it’s a huge part of my journey and how to ensure my body was up to the task.

Today I feel more connected to my energy body – I feel and live from this energetic space, not just my physical body or thinking mind.

Over the first trimester of this pregnancy, after about week 5 or 6 I really struggled to work with the high vibrational energy of my Chakras as it would often leave me feeling woozy, ungrounded and unstable – not a good feeling when you are already spinning out from all-day-nausea! But since about Week 11 onwards I’ve been able to reconnect to my Chakras and tune back in. It’s powerful stuff to get a direct ‘reading’ as to what your mind-body-soul requires or where there is a block.

Oh my. I am LOVING it – (re)connecting to my energy anatomy is a spiritual practice I adore.  I’m back into doing a daily Chakra Cleanse Meditation – sometimes a guided one or other times self-guided which leaves me feeling clean, light, ready. Not only that, but I really adore connecting to Chakra 2 where my bubba resides and breathing in warm golden light and love into that space. I imagine this beautiful soul is connecting to and soaking up all the good chakra juju and high-vibing off this goodness! I’m also crushing on my Chakras again because I feel that when I nurture them, they nurture me. Which means my health, wellness, spiritual life, career, love, relationships and now pregnancy and motherhood are supported in a way that I KNOW will make a true and profound difference. BIG STUFF.

I have to mention here that a huge part of my understanding of and my ability to live from my Chakras boils right down to Belinda Davidson’s School of The Modern Mystic. Her Level 1 course takes you through, chakra-by-chakra, your energy anatomy and teaches you how to connect with it. How to nourish your Chakras, work with them, heal and cleanse them and make these energy centres work harder for you, in the right way.

If you belief in the power of what you cannot see – our energetic body and the energy of the world around us – and you are passionate about growing, evolving and continuously striving to live an aligned, whole, authentic, rich, intuitive and guided life then you need to work with your Chakras. I’ve never met anyone that has taught me so much, in such a short space of time, and helped me truly transform and create real change on a deep level than Belinda Davidson.

Here’s some good news for you. Belinda is running her SoMM Level 1 course again on September 29th. Head over here to check out her FREE Audio Masterclass.

There are a few things I’d recommend wholeheartedly and without doubt – Yoga, Meditation, Clean Eating and Chakra Work!

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!

P.s I’m a proud affiliate of SoMM and Belinda Davidson. I only promote products/services/programs that I have used myself and/or believe and trust in.


2. Health, fresh food delivered to my door. Hello, Eat Fit Food!

I’ve mentioned this brand before but I have to dish up some lovin’ for them again today.

After almost two months of banishment from the kitchen during the first trimester – which meant two months of cooking every meal for my husband (you can thank extreme fatigue, an insane sense of smell and a repulsion for being around food) we were given the best break ever.

Enter Eat Fit Food. This beautiful biz creates healthy, fresh meals and delivers them straight to your door. No lite ‘n’ easy here. We are talking real, delicious, super-conscious food. Packaged up nicely, portion controlled and insanely delicious.

Every morning we’d receive a delivery that included a separate dinner for Chris and I. They took into account our personal preference and made sure everything was clean, cooked properly and fresh.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a relief it was to not have to think about food, cook it or clean up anything.

Some of the meals we devoured included:

  • Quinoa pasta with Lamb Ragout.
  • Baked fish with olive dressing and veggie ragout.
  • Ramen noodle soup with greens and tofu.
  • Baked chicken and roast sweet potato.
  • Beef fillet and roasted veggies.
  • Healthy Pad Thai.


But wait for it, there was the most incredible silver lining. Chris wasn’t relegated to the kitchen and I didn’t have to do rounds of EFT on myself to get through the ‘smell’ of cooking that sent my pregnancy hormones raging. The result? We got to sit together, eat and talk. Like really talking – reminiscing, laughing, telling stories, exploring each other a little more. The TV was off and we had hours ahead of us. Free of stress and fuss.

I already know that when we next hit a busy period (when we move apartments or baby is just born) we’ll be calling on Eat Fit Food again.

And for you my sweets Eat Fit Food have an awesome deal going on at the moment. You can get 5 meals for only $120 or 10 for $199. Check out the graphic below. I highly recommend! This is valid, just for you my tribe, until September 7th!

NEW 5 + 10MEAL PACKS_graphic2

3. Insight + powerful intuition. Oracle cards from The Little Sage.

The gorgeous Helen Jacobs from The Little Sage graciously and generously sent me a set of these precious Oracle Cards to celebrate their redesign and relaunch.

 This deck of 44 oracle cards is illustrated in watercolour, featuring a female form depicting the cards theme or message. But more than that they are clearly infused with Helen’s love, light and intuition because I feel like they always speak the truth!

When I received this new deck, now packaged in a beautiful hard-cased box, it arrived with a card and affirmation hand-picked just for me. And within ONE day this message showed up in my life in full-force. I shared all about it with my newsletter tribe – CLICK HERE if you want read how that card  really helped me make a BIG decision.

I keep these by my side and after meditating in the morning, when I feel centered and grounded I pull a three-card spread. The little guidebook that comes with these cards helps me navigate deeper into the meaning of the cards I’ve drawn and then I journal anything that comes up for me, or any immediate insights I might have.

I am loving these cards – and I have a few different sets of Oracle cards – but these are by far my favourite.

They are intuitive, wisdom-filled, light, direct. It’s like a cosmic hug each time I use them.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.06.06

Check them out here.


Ok, there you have it. The three beautiful things I’m connecting with and loving right now. Not just three random things, but all of which I know will truly support you in your spiritual and wellness journey in someway.

Feel free to let me below, in the comments, what else you are loving at the moment. Or if you are already crushing on what I’ve mentioned for yourself!

love + light,

Claire x

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Claire!
    I am definitely wanting to do Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic in September, so excited to do it!!
    Loving everything you shared above! I hope pregnancy is treating you well xxx

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