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Bring out your big, badass ego

Bring out your big, badass ego

Posted March 21, 2016

Bring out your big, badass ego! It’s been radio silence over here since I sent out my invitation to join my new wellness venture. I’ve missed you, but it’s been exciting, busy and crackling with energy over here! And my god does it feels so good to be diving into MORE with a team of beautiful women all out for the same soulful goals – freedom, flexibility, better health, more wealth. An ABUNDANT life in every way. And you know what has been interesting? My recent Kinesiology sessions have brought up alot of stuff around my ego as I grow this business. I’ve been getting weekly sessions over the last month to clear alot of residual negative energy, negative programming and limiting self beliefs. Becoming a mama really shook things up! So I saw it high time that I hit the reset button and upgraded myself to a cleaner, higher vibration. My ego and bringing it into balance has been the centre of these sessions. And before you get confused as to why I would want to balance my ego, hear me out here. Yes, we need to keep our ego in check – that voice of our inner ‘mean girl’ as my beautiful friend Melissa Ambrosini calls it. We need to quieten that voice that tells us we aren’t good enough or we can’t do that. It’s a struggle, for many of us, to not let our ego control and override our lives. BUT, what if I told you that you actually need to learn how to harness your ego in a positive way? What if I told you to start honing your ego into a BIG, BADASS, KICKASS inner warrior? Well, it’s a game-changer if you can…. Your ego is at the centre of your motivation. Your ego is what helps you focus on your destined path Your ego is what pushes you forward, in a healthy way. Your ego is allowed to be used, positively. Your ego, when in balance and free from fear, is your best friend in creating success Your ego boosts your enthusiasm for life and helps you achieve abundance Your ego supports you to become great using your skills and talents Your ego connects you and grounds you to this human life ++ My ego has called our for attention during my sessions. It’s asked me to stop ignoring it and suppressing it and to start harnessing it in a much more positive way. I’ve come to really understand how important my ego is, and when used correctly (instead of being used by it) it WILL back my corner, fight for what I desire and help me climb those mountains. Facing challenges, staying inspired, taking action, moving forward. Your ego can be your badass bestie. So, whilst we all need to learn to check our negative, down-playing, trickster ego we do need to strike that perfect balance. The one where we need life to hum along with a little more kick and spark. You know those times, right… when it’s time to hit the pedal to the metal. Vrooom! Well that’s where I am right now, and it FEELS so damn good to be teaming up with my ego in the right one. Cheers to YOU and your big, badass ego. love + light, Claire x Read more

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