Bringing Aphrodite Back. Feminine Power, Silence + Stillness.

We are always guided and supported… and sometimes we are nudged to pay attention to one particular thing, even if it seems to have  absolutely no relevance to you, whatsover.

Well, this recently happened to me. I was guided towards the Goddess, Aphrodite.

I kept pulling her in oracle card readings.

I would randomly open to a magazine article that mentioned her.

Facebook posts would appear with reference to this Goddess.

It all culminated one Friday night. I saw an offer from Marianne Williamson on her facebook page (that was about to expire in less than hour) that said with the purchase of her new book I could get free access to her Aphrodite training…The book didn’t resonate with me (yet) but the training did. BIG time.

I didn’t hesitate. I paid and signed-up. I’ve been down this road before enough times to know how to get out of my own way and pay attention to the clear sign-posts from the divine.

And it was less than 10 minutes into the first training video that the penny dropped… I understood that quickly why I needed this training. And I’m going to hazard a guess that so many of us women, collectively need a little more Aphrodite too.

Aphrodite. Goddess of love, romance, sensuality, sexuality, birth, joy, energy, creativity. Divine Feminine energy…

As I dove into this training this is the question(s) that presented itself; Where have we disowned her? Where have we replaced this divine, feeling based feminine energy with the action, the doing, the headiness of the masculine? And why?

I’m going to be honest, I’m still in the midst of this training… and, well, still in ‘training’ with Aphrodite. So I’m definitely not sharing this with any expertise. However, what I am learning so far has struck such a deep, primal, almost ancient chord within me that I had to share it.


I’ve come to realise lately that the disowning of my inner Aphrodite began many years ago.
  • Striving for success.
  • Building my business.
  • Conforming, to fit in.
  • Aligning with feminist viewpoints (and taking it to the extreme)
  • Focusing on the external world.
  • Living an ‘action’ based life.
  • Ignoring my intuition.
  • Wanting to be seen as a capable woman.
  • Hiding my emotions (so I don’t seem weak).
  • Rejecting my moon cycle.
  • Appropriating masculine ways (of talking, dressing, behaving, working…)

Pregnancy, birth and so much of this motherhood journey reconnected me deeply with an inner softness, the energy of feminine magic and goddess nature. I even wrote this blog – Crossing Over From The Head to The Heart – on how I’m learning to live a more heart-based life since becoming a mama. However, there is so much catastrophizing, headi-ness, organising, structure, over-planning, action, doing (instead of being) that comes with motherhood too. And it has done a phenomenal job of muscling its way back in to sideline that beautiful Aphrodite energy.

Today I’m in a push-pull game between surrendering into the softness, the love-bubble of motherhood and the divine feminine, with the masculine world of action. Trying to find my power in being ALL things to all people (a great mama, wife, business owner, coach, domestic goddess) sometimes leaves me depleted instead of empowered. Making sure I keep my shit together sometimes feels like I’m striving for a badge of honour. Yet I’ve never felt more delicate, vulnerable and called towards the internal world of stillness. Often I just want to be still. Go inward, retreat. Simultaneously I can feel so fired up, ready to make my dreams a reality, driven to action…

The masculine and the feminine – two powerful energies playing all out together.

And that’s ok, right? We all have the feminine and masculine energies within us. But truthfully, whether you are a male or a female in our world it’s so much easier to revert into the masculine way of action, strategy, solution, doing, planning, thinking. It is for me at least.


Reconnect with the power of your feminine silence; Harness your inner stillness.

Since starting this training with Marianne Williamson, there has been one major take-away that keeps playing in my heart on repeat. And this is what I really want to share with you, because it’s really helping me to call Aphrodite in – to invite her to play a bigger role and to find her place within my life with more solidity.

Let me explain this idea as simply as I can.

Feminine energy is threaded with vulnerability. 

That Vulnerability = power. In fact, it it is our power.

However, it is a different kind of power from a different source. Underworld vibes. Goddess energy. Mystical almost.

This power is magnetic. Internal. Intuitive. Deep.

It has an immovable, unshakeable quality. A stillness. A presence. A rawness.

This is the true essence of woman. Emotive. Wise. Loving. Nurturing. 

As women we reflect, listen, invite in. Now this has really hit home for me – we also offer a place to rest to those that need softness, love, nourishment, tenderness, beauty, joy. A safe place to be vulnerable and raw too. We bring others into our magnetic stillness. We offer healing.

The most incredible bit is that the feminine energy can do all that in total silence. Without words. Without a song and dance. There’s no need to ‘do’ anything. The Divine Feminine HOLDS space for your pain, your joy, your vulnerability, your hurt, your happiness, your struggle…

The Aphrodite energy of love is powerful. It can move mountains, and create great change. And it can do it simply by harnessing stillness, through silence. By simply being and not doing. We have a voice, and yes we are woman, hear us roar. But maybe we should try whispering a little more, or even saying nothing at all…

As I was absorbing this lesson from Marianne, my head was spinning. And my heart was screaming YES!

Silence. Sweet surrender into stillness. Presence. The real art of listening. Cracking open in the darkness.

I scribbled these words into my journal…

“Just because I have a voice that doesn’t mean I always have to use it. It’s time to reconnect with the power of my feminine silence…”

This is not about ‘staying silent’ and shutting up. This is not about suppressing the female voice we’ve worked so hard to free and amplify. No, this is about realising that we have a power, beyond measure, that can be tapped into through silence – whether that’s in meditation or perhaps in choosing to say nothing but create change through spreading love and beauty and kindness. Or maybe it’s about holding space for someone else so that you can support, guide, nurture them and really make a difference in their lives… how powerful is that?

An example I can share of how this is playing out in my life is with my husband. Marianne Williamson said; A man’s deepest desire is to have his thoughts respected. (And for women it is to have her emotions acknowledged! AMEN!)

If a man (or masculine energy) feels heard, respected, loved and recognised by his woman (or feminine energy), he is deeply satisfied and happy. So I’ve simply made a conscious effort to ‘hear’ my husband when he needs to be heard. I let him share, express, talk, download. I hold the space for him to explore his thoughts and process the challenges he is facing (in work, parenthood etc). And you know what? He does feel held. He does feel loved. He does feel healed and supported. I can see it and sense it. I often don’t need to say anything or even offer a piece of advice – because sometimes he doesn’t want or need it. And often he finds the answer on his own, simply because I’ve tapped into the power of my feminine silence, by being fully present and committing to sharing love-energy from my heart to his.

I am learning to use the magnetic, intuitive, nurturing quality of my inner Aphrodite to support him instead of my head, my thoughts, my words. THIS is the power of female vulnerability.


So this is where I’m at. I want more Divine Feminine, Aphrodite energy in my life. I want to embody more love, presence, stillness, patience, vulnerability, creativity, joy. And I’m starting by calling her in and asking her to find a way to FIT into my life, the roles I play and the work I do. She doesn’t need to take over or run the show. But she does need to own it, a lot more. I’m choosing to begin this journey by exploring my silence, vulnerability and feminine power.

I’m still fresh in this training, and maybe it’s premature sharing this idea with you, but perhaps this idea of silencing your voice to harness the inner magnetic all-powerful feminine energy within you.

love + light,


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