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Fortnightly Livestream Breathwork Classes



Breathwork is a powerful practice that can be used to heal, restore, nourish, soothe, invorigate and rebalance the mind, body, heart and soul. Available to you at any given moment, Conscious Breathing n can support you to release conditioned habits, limiting beliefs, energetic blocks or sabotage cycles in your life – throughout your relationships, health, past traumas, self-worth, abundance and spirituality. 



Join my Livestream Breathwork Classes to experience the medicine that is your BREATH.

There is nothing more potent than self-healing via the very magic that resides within you.




An ONLINE journey blending breathwork practices with gentle movement, meditation and reflection time.
Expect to feel clear headed, light, bright and beautifully grounded.


Your body will feel open.
Your cells buzzing with fresh oxygen.
Your brain expansive.
Your heart free from anxiety.
Your spirit high vibing.


Book in to experience the powerful medicine of your very own breath as I guide you through a 75 minute journey.


I can’t wait to BREATHE with you.


Next Scheduled Classes: 


+ Sunday 4th April 8pm AEST (please note NSW daylight savings time ends on the 4th!)


+ Sunday 25th April 8pm AEST


Did you miss a class? Forget to book in? Or just can’t make the LIVE sessions? You can get previous class recordings below – yours to keep!


Click on the classes below to purchase and keep forever!


+ A gentle, nourishing class under the Full Moon.


+ A well rounded class, moving deeper into the breath.


+ Delicious, grounding, soothing.



Buy all THREE  classes – valued at $45 – for only $33




*60-75 minute breathwork classes are $15 each – if you would like to purchase a 5 class pack for $60 please get in touch:

*Classe are held via ZOOM – the room will be open 10 minutes prior to class beginning on time.

*Replay will be available up to 3 days after the scheduled class time


Class tips:

*Please ensure you have water on hand. Tissues too – YES you might cry/release emotion.

*Please wear layers you can easily add/remove. Your temperature can fluctuate during breath work.

*Feel free to set yourself up seated with your back supported, or laying down with cushions.

*Have your journal and pen ready for any downloads, insights or visions you receive – breath work can open and amplify intuition.

*Please avoid a full/heavy meal from 60 minutes prior

*Nice extras: light a candle, diffuse essential oils, have an eye mask handy, hot water bottle, crystals, cosy blanket


** If you are interested in working together, one-on-one utilising powerful breathwork practices (and other Energy Medicine modalities) please explore my Private Coaching and Healing sessions.


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