The most powerful Guru is the Guru within

The best teacher out of all the Gurus is You“… These are the words my beautiful Yoga teacher wrote to me in an email recently.

I had written to her to tell her that I was loving my home-practice and completely devoted to exploring the asana, the breath and the mind all on my own. I had felt the need to connect with her – to apologise for my long absence from the shala but to also let her know that all was well with me. Yoga + I were still very much in love.

Unexpectedly, her words above really hit home. They were the words I had needed to read.

I had, without knowing why, started to let go of alot of teachings and study I was involved in or about to embark on. I was blindsided by this sudden feeling to let these teachings/teachers fall away. I had a strong feeling to be without ‘guidance’, which is an unusual feeling for me.

I was ready to be my own Guru and to step into complete trust with myself, I just didn’t know it until I read her words.

What is a GURU?

Let me take a step back here for a moment. Four years ago, during my teacher training, we were studying the Guru Lineage + what a Guru actually meant.

The word Guru actually translates to ‘Remover of Darkness’. A Guru is something or someone that sheds light on and blows open the truth. A Guru provides the truth-seeker with the pathway to walk (stumble, trip, fall, get back up again).

Most of us hear the word Guru and think of some divine, ever-wise, all-knowing individual that teaches, guides and enlightens. And yes, that’s pretty much spot on. However I’ve come to realise that in the past, my palpable desire to learn more about myself, to connect deeper with my own divinity and to peel off the layers of untruths has actually left me a little powerless.

Putting Power in Your Gurus

I have had many (many!) teachers along my journey, and I still believe, to this day that we need guides + gurus to light the way forward. I was so rapt with the abundance of information and teachings available to me that I gave my all (and still do) to learning and listening. I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for those teachers and their lessons. What I’m starting to understand though, is that sometimes, in the past, I’ve let these ‘teachers’ and gurus easily influence me. And what I really mean is that I’ve let myself ride the wave of their teachings with so much oompf and intensity that I haven’t created the space needed to check in and say ‘how does this teaching feel + fit for me?’

When my yoga teacher wrote those words – “The most powerful Guru is the Guru within”I had a profound light-bulb moment of clarity (the kind that gives me full-body tingles) that it was now time for me to really connect with my own inner wisdom and start to trust that wisdom, more than anything else.

It’s not that I have blindly absorbed others teachings without feeling connected to it – no, I’ve always resonated with everything I’ve studied  and experienced. I am no sheep. But it is more that I have openly placed more power in their wisdom that I have my own.

Use your Gurus

Today, I’m feeling called to continue my journey of self-exploration into mind-body-spirit-soul but with a different approach, a different method. I’m letting go of the ‘need’ to be guided by anyone else and instead if I feel called to work with someone, study something, connect with a teaching I will do so because my own inner wisdom says to.

I will ‘use’ my Gurus, for want of a better word. I will tap into their knowledge in the same way I do when reading a book – they provide insights, they provide knowledge, they provide new perspective – but I won’t put my power in them in the way I once have. The power is within, not without.

Be your own Guru

I’ve recently been told that in many of my past lives there is a strong ‘wise-woman’ streak. I have been a healer- intuitive-midwife- herbalist in more lives, than not. In doing my research, these women in history have all had a common thread – a strong inner wisdom that they trusted and harnessed to nurture + heal.

From a very young age I’ve had an ability to tap into wisdom that one shouldn’t really have, without the experience to match. I’m not tooting my own horn – this is just how I am. Now, I can see that my natural born wisdom is my own inner guru. You have it too.

Your inner guru might show itself in a different way. Mine is through wisdom – a knowing, without actually knowing. A thought that really is an insight. An idea that is a nugget of truth. Perhaps for you ‘visions’ or ‘feelings’ or ‘creativity’ or ‘expression’ is how your inner guru guides, supports and teaches you.

If you look back on the year that has just been, I’m sure you can see that all the major, pivotal moments came to and moved through YOU because of YOU. Yes, all those learnings, challenges, wins, losses, transformational moments and insights, all may have been influenced by someone/thing else (teacher, Guru, book, blog) but they become all-powerful + game-changing only when YOU process them and how YOU choose to respond, react, contemplate, act.

The main ‘tool’ you need to support your life and journey is actually you – the guru within you. Your  own insight, wisdom and inner guidance system (that no one else has!) is the biggest teacher you can ever have and ever will have.

It’s time for us to be grounded and centered in this truth. It’s time for us to trust ourselves more.

Remove the darkness, shed the light.

Your turn: How does your inner Guru show-up?

love + light

Claire x

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    • Thanks gorgeous. Glad this came at the right time for you. Sending you love + light and hope all those questions fall away. x

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