Audio Blog: A simple practice to help you fall in love with your body

Falling in love with your body

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Falling in love with my ‘new’ body since becoming a mama is something I have to work at. There are softer, stretched bits. Jiggly bit. Wider bits. All ‘bits’ I didn’t have before. Throw in LIFE and not as much time as I used to and the result is a woman working out less, eating differently and looking very differently too.

Yes, I’ve gone from a size 6, toned, yogi body, to a size 8. Softer. More womanly. And definitely still healthy and strong. Nothing to complain about, but nevertheless it’s been a shock.

  • It was a surprise when I realised, two years later that I STILL couldn’t fit into 95% of my old clothes.
  • It was a surprise when I saw pictures of myself and almost said “who’s that?”
  • It is still a surprise when I do a headstand in yoga and I can feel the weight of my stretched belly dropping down.

But more than that, it’s a surprise to hear myself talk about my body negatively, out loud.

How cruel (and not OK!) to speak so harshly about this divine vessel that gives me the chance to have such a brilliant human experience. Including the miracle of creating, birthing and nurturing life.

So, beautiful women (and I hope a few good men too!) this audio blog is for you. It was for me too.

And it’s not just for mamas. It’s for ALL women who have every spoken, felt, thought RUDE and degrading thoughts about their own divine bodies.

love + light,

Claire xx


One Comment to “Audio Blog: A simple practice to help you fall in love with your body”

  1. Hi x

    I thought your Audio blog on self-care, and giving yourself a loving kindness massage, as a daily ritual is simple, doable and beautiful advice, for all of us women.

    I struggle with my changing body, and with Hypothyroidism it feels an uphill struggle to maintain fitness and weight.

    I beat myself up, almost daily and so hearing how Essential Oils, speaking kindly whilst massaging one’s body can stimulate brain-change and positive energy, I am digging it!

    I’m off to buy Essential Oils right now!

    Thank you,
    Holistic Health Therapist xx

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