Are you ready to experience a life of MORE with me?

Come and experience a life of MORE with me

So it seems my post last on my new venture really caught your attention. I’ve been fielding requests and emails from incredible women (and a few good men!) who are ready to grab opportunity by the horns.

The response has prompted me to share my new direction in a little more detail because it’s clear that my new direction can help you create a life of MORE…


So, my loves, consider this your official invitation to join the team I am building…


Let me share a little secret.

It was only a few months ago I was in a flurry of overwhelm…

How do I juggle life + baby?
How do I stay on top of my health?
How will I get back into work and create the income I used to?
How can I contribute financially to my family?
How do I create abundance now that I have NO time?
How can I feel positive, energised + alive (despite the sleep deprivation!)
How can I make a real difference in this world?
How can I reconnect with my soul sisters?

To say I felt desperate was an understatement. Motherhood + my life had come crashing in – it felt like they were at loggerheads. My dreams, my hopes, my desires and my (incredible, joyful) important role as a mama.

I thought it must be possible to make it all FLOW and work together. But in the moment it felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Fighting the inevitable suffocation. Fighting a losing battle.

So I called out to the universe… I said “Hey, Buddy… I need a helping hand here. I’m going to lean on you. I’m asking for a miracle. A little magic please… I need something to support me. I need something to answer my prayers”.

And the universe decided to play.

Something landed in my lap – something that flipped my health around, increased my mood and energy. Something that reignited my passion and drive for my work, something that created a NEW pathway towards abundance. AND it came packaged up in the tight embrace of my soul-sisterhood.

As I shared last week, here I am now, diving head first into a NEW venture (don’t worry I’m still coaching and running my online biz). A wellness business that for the first time ever has me teaming up with the best #girlbosses and fellow mamas around – Debbie Spellman  – Mind Detox Therapist, Life Coach, Writer and Speaker and  Personal Trainer Wonder Woman + Holistic Health Coach Valeria Ramirez.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… our extraordinary team of women, hungry for MORE, is rapidly growing.

Together we are on a mission to impact lives in a big way – more health, wealth and freedom!

So consider this a personal invitation to join us. To be part of our tribe of kick-ass empowered wellness women who are going to make BIG waves.


Time to get real…

This is for you if:

– You currently have a business but truthfully you’re living month to month. Following your passions isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you should throw the towel in. You want abundance, finally. And you want to keep following your passions but without the hustle to make ends meet.

– You aren’t happy in your job/work. You want to own your life, your hours, your time. You want to do something that feels BIG and special and makes an impact. Maybe you are tired of the travel, the long hours, the soul-less work. The drama. You want freedom, success and abundance and TIME. You want to be your own #girlboss.

– The thought of teaming up with empowered women who are LIT up with passion and drive makes you light up too. You want to be part of a sisterhood with a shared vision and who will hold your hand, guide you and coach you along the way.

– You want to make a difference. You care about changing the lives of others for the better. You are influencer, a leader, a walker of your talk. And you are ready to help others live BIG and for you to do the same.

– Health and wellness is a priority to you. And you firmly believe that being in perfect health leads to happiness, success, abundance and life filled with love. AND to share this with others is in alignment with your purpose and life goals.

This is not for you if:

– You are not committed to do what it takes to (finally) change your life (your health, your wealth). If fear based thinking gets in the way of change and you aren’t willing to rise above it, this isn’t for you.

– You are not ready to be mentored and coached and be part of an awesome team who will motivate and inspire you.

– You are not willing to push your boundaries and try something new to experience and achieve more than you believe is possible.

– You are happy with your current employment and don’t want to work for yourself. Everything is just fine as it is.

– You don’t care about supporting others to live a healthier, wealthier, freedom filled life.


Let me say this, loud and clear; you will transform your life and YOURSELF in the process. I will be personally coaching and mentoring those that join my team. I will be there, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way. You will become more resilient, confident, focused, clear, happy, healthy and abundant because of this.

This is not just about business, this is so much more.
You will become a leader.
You will create a business that WILL change lives.
You will make a difference.
You will get MORE.

If, at this point, you are feeling that ‘pull’… maybe full body tingles. Maybe a tug at your heart (and to be honest, if you are still reading, then perhaps you’ve already felt ‘it’) then hit reply and express your interest!

Even if there is still a ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ bashing around your head, listen to the voice that connects to your heart… it’s the one that comes from love, not fear.

I’ll personally respond to you and share this exciting opportunity. We’ll discover if this is right for you, and if you are right for this team.

love + light,

Claire x


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