Attention all the busy people: busy isn’t best!

It’s time to stop glorifying busy.

Yep, I’m talking to all the busy people, out there. And if you are reading this then I’m going to bet you’re a full time member of ‘the busy people club’. Full disclosure; I’m right in there with you. Oh yeah babe. Me and busy, we go waaaay back.

Although I’m still in the club, these days I’m hanging out on the periphery. One foot in ‘busy’ the other is dipping its big toe into the pool of nothingness. And I’m getting so much better at planting both feet in the delicious space of a slower pace. Most of April this year I spent doing a whole lot of nothing (does staring at the ceiling, or at my feet, as I lay on the floor count?)

But, mostly, I love me some busy. I savour prolificacy; I desire a fertile life; rich and multi-layered. I get drunk on productivity. I get off on systems that organize and make life easier. Ticking things off a list makes me buzz. I feel high when I’m engaged with everything that makes my heart sing. And in contrast, when I’ve felt the opposite it can often bring me down. It’s as if the shine of life is just a little duller.

So I’m not here finger pointing and judging your ‘busy-ness’. Many of you, like me, enjoy a full life. But I want to look under the cover of ‘busy’ and expose the truth that is often lurking within the shadows and in the corners of every experience, situation, conversation, task, appointment, project and ‘thing-to-do’. This is not just about being busy at work or as a parent; this is about the epidemic of a busy life.

What’s being busy really about?

We live in a culture that glorifies busy because we’ve been led to believe that the more we do equates to feeling more whole, satisfied and worthy. It is a signal to the world that we matter, that our place (our role, job etc) is needed and that we are needed. That we are important and valuable.

It’s as if busy-ness gives significance to our lives – that getting a lot of shit done indicates achievement and accomplishment – two attitudes within the arsenal of your Ego (and which drive you to look for satisfaction and sense of worthiness in your external world!)

I know I’m not the only one that thinks this sounds ridiculous, right? Read that paragraph again – many of us get our sense of value, importance and worthiness from doing too much. Hmmm… aren’t we already valuable, important and worthy whether we ‘do’ something or not?

Just the other day I was talking to a girlfriend who frequently often pulls off Superwoman stunts – opening studios in multiple states at the same time, being a wife and mother and doing so much more. When I commented on her incredible feats of creation she said “I’m not superwoman, I’m super-dumb!” Of course I don’t agree with her, (and still don’t) she’s doing what she does very well. But I can see what she meant… busy isn’t always best, busy isn’t always smart!

Why? Well look at it this way – the busier we are the less time we have to be present, to connect with our true selves and to live aligned with our core desired feelings. Does she always feel the way she wants to feel, no. Do I? No. And usually, it’s because we fill our plates. Yes, busy gets stuff done, busy is needed at certain times, but often we stubbornly stay in ‘the busy people club’ even when its clear that it’s time to cancel our membership.

Busy is depleting. Sapping. Soul exhausting.

Have you ever noticed when you’ve just completed a big project or ticked something major off your ‘life-list’ and one of the very first questions you get asked is: “What’s next?”… Instead of celebrating the pause between a busy time, and post-creation, we are encouraged to hunt for the next hit like a crack addict.

Why your soul doesn’t always dig busy!

Following your purpose is the meaning to your life – when we are living from and aligned with our soul that ecstatically momentous and damn satisfying. But here’s the difference – your soul purpose probably doesn’t have anything to do with juggling a never-ending to-do list, 5 different (self-inflicted) roles and a bitter collection of obligations to feel purposeful. Maybe your soul feels satisfied simply when you (the human you) lives and leads from soul.

What’s that look like? Connecting to your truth, listening to your heart, being present with your inner and higher self, navigating through life from intuition instead of intellect.

Sometimes that means you aren’t working on something 6 months ahead. Or that you aren’t planning for anything. Or that your week’s schedule is bare and you have ‘no commitments’. Maybe, even, you are just living spontaneously, intuitively and one day at time.

Sometimes when we connect with our soul we hear:

Ease up. Slow down. Do less. Be here. Feel more. Listen in. Switch off

Busy isn’t best: stop glorifying busy!

If you are ready to live within a different energy – if you want to hold space for your soul to shine – then perhaps it’s time to dial back on the role that ‘busy’ plays in your life.

Here are a few questions for you to reflect on:

1) Look at your life objectively; How much time do you carve for ‘nothing’ > being alone, living an unplanned life, clearing your diary?
2) Do you wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour > do you feel satisfied and ‘worthy’ when you get a lot of stuff done or when your diary is full?
3) Do you use ‘busy-ness’ as a shield > from yourself/your soul or from connecting on a real level with others
4) Do you think busy is the only way? > Could you approach life differently?
5) How does it make you feel to not tick things off your list > does the simple idea of doing less (or taking longer to do something?) concern you?
6) What is the cost of being busy all the time? > What do you miss out on or lose? What are the effects?


Here’s a challenge: Let’s all take something OFF our to-do list this week. Get real about what’s truly a priority versus what is just another thing you’d piled on top to feel worthy.

I’ll start. This week I’m going to work on ONE project at a time. Just one thing that lights me up. And I’m going to do it well, and with love.

I’m also going to commit to less engagements this week but choose wisely and go for quality, nourishment and soul satisfaction.

Your turn: Share below. How are you going to dial back on ‘busy’ this week?

Love + light,

Claire x

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5 Comments to “Attention all the busy people: busy isn’t best!”

  1. Great post Claire. So funny but I’ve been focusing on this very topic myself lately. This week in particular, I’ve started to write a ‘Me Time’ entry in my journal – whereby every day, I have to stop for a moment and just do something for me. So far, it’s included reading a chapter of a book, having a much needed day-time nap, and having a chocolate and a cup of tea while my husband took care of the baby. My mantra for the week is: “Me time is just as important as every other item on my To Do list”. Thanks for this great post, it’s really inspired me to keep working on this. Would love to hear how you go with your aim to be less busy 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this one Claire! Before I was even finished reading, I sent an email to let go of a class that I had been thinking about dropping for ages. I totally have a fear that if I am not jammed packed to the brim with busy – I must not be trying hard enough to reach my goals. Thanks Darling!

  3. […] I get it, life is already busy enough – sometimes the mere idea of trying to create ‘the perfect week’ is overwhelming. But let’s look at it this way, isn’t all the ‘busy-ness’ irrelevant if you aren’t healthy and happy to enjoy your life as you’d like too? (P.s check out my recent post on ditching the ‘busy’ attitude to life) […]

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