I thought it would be a good idea to give you lovely wellness seekers a little more information about my latest health coaching service – the Renew Yourself Wellness Project. Right now through this blog and my facebook page I dish up morsels of health and wellness information, my own experiences on this journey, lots of yummy recipes, yoga, meditation and life musings.
So, you are probably thinking what exactly is the difference with this e-course? Why should you sign-up to do this course?

Well, the first question is why shouldn’t you! If you are 100% healthy, feeling switched on and switched into life, lead a perfect, sunny existence everyday and you are nourishing your body with everything it needs… well then, look no further. I applaud you – that is a real achievement.

However, if you know, honestly, that you could pay much more attention to YOURSELF. Feeding your body, mind and spirit in the way you deserve… then, this course is for you.

Now that we have that sorted out. Let me tell you what the e-course has to offer.

  • It is an 8-week program – You do not come out with any sort of qualification, except being certified to safely, effectively and profoundly improve your time on this earth.
  • Each week you will be sent information via email relating to a different health and wellness topic – structured information to guide you through your very own wellness project, including focus work. 
  • Go at your own pace – do the work week-by-week or whenever you are ready
  • Do the work in the comfort of your home (or in the park, at work, anywhere!)
  • Lots of relevant health, lifestyle and wellness content  to read up on, consider and approach – information sheets, homework tasks, yoga sequences, video blogs, meditation recordings, recipes etc.
  • Opportunity to experiment with different health and wellness ideas, apply them into your life and see how you can positively affect your life. 
  • You will have my support and guidance along the way but ultimately responsibility is on you to take the information at hand and make a difference your life – how much you put in, you get out! 
  • The launch date is October 14th, but you can start ANY time from then. That’s the beauty of an e-course. And when you feel the need to connect with others you can jump onto the private facebook group and share with those doing the program, myself or anyone that has finished.

This is a version of my current one-on-one coaching program. It is obviously less ‘personalised’ than one-on-one coaching but that doesn’t mean the information is any less powerful or impactful. If you sign-up with a friend or a group of friends you can actually support each other through this.

For some, this might be a way to deepen your wellness journey. For others this might be your first ‘toe-dip’ into the pool of healthy living. You can apply it however you want, it’s yours to mould, create and enjoy.

And for those that want to move even deeper, the amazing Jess Ainscough from The Wellness Warrior has created the spectacular Lifestyle Transformation Guide. A very detailed and structured health immersion if you are looking for something to really dive into!

Ultimately this is a great way to change your life, and to take ownership for becoming the best version of yourself.  Feel free to ask any questions here on the blog. And remember, if you sign-up with a friend you’ll receive 15% off the already cheap $99 price-tag.

So, what are you waiting for? Just shoot me an email to book in today.



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