Have you heard about the Alkaline/Acid way of eating?

It’s very simple and basically indicates that certain foods alkalise your bodies PH levels. And there is always the opposite – certain foods with acidify your body. We need both to some extent, but preferably we want to be at around 7.5 of the PH scale. To get there we must increase the number of alkalising foods into our diet.

So how much alkalising foods do we need?

Overall, as a guide aiming to have 70 – 80% Alkaline foods in your diet is enough to do the job. The reality is alot of acidifying foods are things we shouldn‘t be having alot anyways – beer, wine, spirits, refined carbohydrates, meat, dairy, sugar, artifical sweeteners, junk food etc. But, some of the food items that are ‘acidifying’ are still healthy items (salmon, brown rice, certain fruits…)

It’s important to not be excessive and extreme, but definitely increasing the alkaline forming foods and reducing the acidic forming foods.

Rather than list them all for you here, take a look at this downloadable PDF chart.

This chart ‘rates’ the different items from highly acidic to highly alkaline so you can see where it sits on the scale and make better choices. There are some items on there that you’ll be surprised by but overall it simply reflects the wholefoods philosophy – food as close to nature as possible, food with minimal processing, additives and chemicals and of course, food that isn’t too taxing on the body to process, digest and absorb.

Now that you know all of this, I’m sure you want to know the benefits of alkalising your body?

Well, in short, the more alkaline you are the harder it is for disease to grow in such diseases. In fact, there is a theory that cancer and other such terminal diseases CAN’T grow in PH levels of 8 and higher.

Our livers main function is to detox the body – processing and discarding of toxins. But we put so much strain on our livers with artificial chemicals, flavours, additives (read: junk!) that the liver sometimes can’t do its job properly. These toxins then get stored in our organs and blood resulting in a poor overall function – basically you become acidic

Alkalizing your body allows your organs and cells to function at their optimum – steady blood pressure, slower ageing process, better digestive function, more energy. This is simple another perspective on healthy eating and living and of course another reason to be mindful of what we fuel our bodies with.

The easiest and quickes way to alkalize your system? Start your day with lemon and hot water and enjoy green juices and smoothies! Check this one out – 100% fructose-free green juice from Urban Remedy. Since spring has sprung I’ve been downing these as often as possible. You can order from them direct or try and make it yourself (ingredients are listed via the link)

Hope you enjoy alkalizing your beautiful bodies!

Saha to you,




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