The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Online Masterclass

A tool-kit to support women, mamas (and their children!) 

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(PS. I’ve made this price point SO accessible because I truly want you to feel GOOD more often, mama!)

Introducing The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom; An online masterclass to support women, mamas, and their children to create and experience ongoing emotional freedom through the powerful and simple tools of EFT (tapping),Chakras (our beautiful energy anatomy) and Essential Oils (hello mama nature).

Beautiful mama, do me a favour – please picture how it would feel to be able to guide yourself out of anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, worry… to have a tool that is free to use and so simple.

Do you feel held? Safe? Supported?

Good. Because I’ve created a tool-kit that you can harness at any time.

  • Whether you want to go deep and clear BIG and long-standing limiting beliefs from your own childhood that you can see playing out, now that you’re a mama.
  • Or when you just need to skim the surface and take the edge off your wired up, dys-regulated nervous system – running a busy family can do that!
  • Maybe it’s just the hyper vigilance you are feeling around your newborn or even the inability to fall asleep and sleep well after months of sleep deprivation.
Within this tool-kit holds the key to your Emotional Freedom.
An Online,  Alchemical, magical bag of tricks.

What’s included in The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Masterclass?


Valued at well over $500, this online masterclass is yours for $69 – (price increasing to $79 soon)

1. 3 x LIVE Facebook Classes (all videos will be available to download and keep after the class)

  • Class 1: EFT what, why and how including ‘EFT on the go with the 5 finger method’  – and the ‘Personal Peace Process PDF”
  • Class 2: EFT and the Chakras + Channelling WHITE light
  • Class 3:  EFT + Using Essential Oils to support your healing plus BONUS Lesson: My Top Tips on how to  ‘tap’ with your children

2. 5 x Guided EFT videos (yours to keep!) including generalised tapping scripts on common concerns and areas of struggle for mama.

  • Video One: Choosing to feel vital and alive – Tackling sleep deprivation and exhaustion
  • Video Two: Choosing to feel calm and relaxed – Tackling stress and anxiety
  • Video Three: Choosing to feel clear, focused and present – Tackling Overwhelm + The Mental Load
  • Video Four: Choosing to feel abundant, safe and secure – Tackling Financial Concerns
  • Video Five: Choosing to feel connected and grateful – Tackling disconnection and + being in transition

3. Peace Process workbook – A journalling guide to work through your own tapping process to navigate your bigger, juicier and most pressing issues when you feel ready to peel back the layers on your mothering journey.

4. BONUS Chakra Cleanse Meditation – A short and sweet guided process to cleanse, clear and align your energy anatomy

5. BONUS Essential Oils info-sheet to support your journey of transformation – featuring common essential oil blends to anchor in with your EFT processes

6. Discount Private EFT session with Claire – Normally $250, reduced to $125.

7.  Private dedicated Facebook group with LIVE EFT sessions, guidance and support

The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom is an online masterclass – equal parts DIY and guided.

Why is ‘DIY’ so powerful?

There are so many self-help modalities out there and so many people to facilitate powerful and beautiful shifts for you. But truthfully life is busy and expensive and it isn’t always possible to work with the guides we want to…Not to mention that putting too much power in another’s authority disempowers you from your own inner authority and guiding voice.

Self-care and the need to find your way back to centre, to realign and renew is necessary

It’s a non-negotiable. It should NOT be put on hold. It matters – because you matter and when you place yourself HIGH on the priority list this flows on positively into your children, partners, colleagues, family and community.

When you are happy, fulfilled, calm so are the people around you. Your children who are intertwined in your energy and nervous system are effected by YOU and your emotional state.

The knock on effect is huge and long lasting.

Oh, but I can hear you now – all the excuses.

I don’t have time.

It’s too hard to learn this (BTW, it’s the easiest tool I’ve ever learned!)

It’s just another thing on my to-do list

…. you know what, I get that. I really do. But when is it time to prioritise YOU and in a way that will make a HUGE and tangible shift?

And let me remind you I’ll be here to guide through every step of the way via our Private Facebook Group where I’ll share LIVE tapping sessions, answer your questions and hold space for you through this learning process?

I thought I knew what EFT was, I already had preconceived ideas about it but I couldn’t have predicted how it would make me feel and how it would clear emotional blocks for me. This practise is magical, it truly is, and the added magic from Claire facilitating and teaching it with beautiful and beneficial spellbinding touches added in is divine. If you’re worried about adding ‘another thing’ to your to-do list know that the power of this practise will completely outweigh the small amount of time that it takes to free your emotions and really feel good.
Letitia Comerford; Mother of three, Journalist and Blogger.

With a new baby four weeks ago and an almost four year old I’ve been watching the videos in this program and slowly incorporating this beautiful practice into daily life. I just said yesterday to my man that I am so in love with this practice and I love it even more than meditation! It really feels good and it is so easy! I can even do it with my baby and 4 year old around!
I first discovered EFT during my last pregnancy but never really knew how to do it on my own. Now I can! Thank you SO MUCH. I had major anxiety and fear around illness and death which all began with my own life feeling very lonely. Every time I felt sick or my boy was unwell I had major anxiety. Now I feel such a relief and more distanced from the worry. It’s not all gone but I feel I can let go more easily. And I feel like it’s not reality but a story. I’m super grateful for the work you do and all that you share. You have helped me on so many levels. Thank you so much.
Lotte Nap. Mama of two and previous student of The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom.

As a mother, the state of your emotional wellbeing will directly effect how you show up to parent, your relationship with your child and how well you can guide from a conscious space. Poor emotional well being will come to light in how you care (or don’t care!) for yourself, your health and vitality, your connection to your partner and your passion, career and creative projects.

Mamas, we so often squash down how we feel and just ‘get on with it’… hoping we can get through our days and bring our dreams into reality despite the fact that internally there is a different story playing out. Yet we all know, truthfully, that this is not the case. It doesn’t take long for our external world, our reality, to reflect the chaos of our internal world – our emotions, our mindset.

Our emotional well being is the key to living a life that feels in flow, moving forward, with as much grace as possible, despite the inevitable hiccups and stumbling blocks that motherhood delivers us. After all we are all HUMAN.

Emotional Freedom – the kind of freedom where you are no longer shackled, held down or played by emotions that control and affecting your life – is the true kind of freedom so many of us yearn for throughout our motherhood journey.

It’s not about escapism (although sometimes a holiday is needed) but where we are truly free from the mind-games and the dense, low vibrational emotions like stress, anxiety, fear, hurt, sadness and anger.

The result? we can then LIVE with more grace, everyday joy, ease and gratitude. A flow state that ripples into how we mother, into our children, our families and our passions.

But let me be real, because you are HUMAN, you can’t ever be fully free of those heavier emotions, but you absolutely can be armed up with the right tools to help you shift through them quickly, effortlessly and once again find yourself back in that delicious state of joy, ease and love.

Although I don’t tap every day I do now use it as a way to cope with intense emotions, discomfort, overwhelm and a racing mind. Since I did the course, I’ve been trying to tap around once a week on the concept of body image/self love and I feel I’m making some progress in this. However, I’ve found tapping most helpful when an intense situation occurs or I have longer lasting feelings that are wrecking my day or making me a grumpy mess. Tapping diffuses these and helps take the edge off. Especially at night if I can’t switch off.
It is such a beautiful tool I feel I can use forever in countless situations. You were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about it and it all rang true for me.
The things I like: your voice (it so hypnotising!), the guided videos and the FB LIVES. The inclusion of children in tapping. The short 5 finger method, the options for long or short sessions and how relevant it was to my life as a modern mum.  My faves were the demos of tapping in your daily life as issues came up.
I just really loved it and it brings me to tears when I use it. I feel such a release and wouldn’t have truly adopted this tool without the course. I immersed in it and now use it to help cope with difficult emotions. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts!
Miranda Magee

Thank you for the fantastic program. It was simple, practical and very relevant to my life as a mama. I found your instruction clear and the notes we received great.
Thank you.  I’m furthering my study with EFT and doing a course here in Ireland at end of the month. Thank you for the inspiration!
Georgina Durcan; Mama and Intuitive Therapist

Beautiful Claire, although I have yet to log into the membership portal I have however watch all of the live videos and was able to see two of them as they were happening.  I also loved the live tapping sessions that you did when your kids were there. I was really happy with all of the content and I have been using tapping since the course and really enjoying it– although there is obviously space for me to dive in much deeper. Thank you, and thanks again for the work that you do and all that you share with us.
Clare Bieleny; Mama and Myotherapist & Director at Unwind Myotherapy

So why does being FREE emotionally really matter?

it all begins with how we feel.

Angry, frustrated, exhausted, resentful? The result is usually a life of experiences, interactions and events that reflect your feeling state. And will continue to manifest more reflections of that feeling state.

In flow, accepting, grace-filled, light? Yep, the result is a life that reflects all of that. From how you show up as a mama, to how you interact with your partner, colleagues and yes even life’s little and daily curve balls.

This is not about becoming FREE of emotions, no, that isn’t possible.

This is about having the ability to safely feel and let go of the emotions that are blocking your success, flow, joy… LIFE. You know the emotions that make you reactive, edgy, overwhelmed and clouded? Well, instead, we want to make space for those feeling states that support LIFE – intuitive, responsive, wisdom filled states of connection, presence and alignment.

So, what are the questions you really should ask yourself?

  • Do I want to be empowered to SHIFT emotional gears when needed?
  • Do I want to show up as the best version of myself as a mama, wife, partner, woman?
  • Do I want to be emotionally balanced, lighter, brighter?
  • Would I like to be able to reflect on, process and clear the lower vibrational energy and emotions when they show up?
  • Am I keen to feel less controlled by the rolling waves and highs of my emotions?
  • Am I ready to take control and bring myself back into a happier state instead of feeling broken by motherhood?
  • Could a cultivated tool-kit, designed to support me as a woman and mama, help me and my family too?

Let me tell you more about The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Masterclass?

An Online Master Class helping you to create emotional wellbeing harnessing three powerful practices – EFT (tapping), Chakra Cleansing + Essential Oils. Read on to learn more about these incredible, self-help tools.


EFT; Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’

Emotional Freedom Technique harnesses the power of ancient eastern philosophy – utilising the power of PRANA, our energetic body and meridian points – merged with western psychology which focuses on the shining a light on and calling forth our struggles, naming them in order to receive the clarity needed.

These two things together give us a tool that we can use to literally tap our way through and out of those sticky emotions that are holding us back. Tapping works with the energy lines (Meridians) of the body, as a super-highway of communication that allows us to dig into our energy anatomy whilst cognitively working through problems – allowing a clearing and cleansing of whatever you are experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically that you no longer need. I liken it to going ‘fishing’ – we fish through the murky waters of our inner shadows to pull up and out what is heavy and not wanted.

It’s not about creating a perfect life, but it’s all about creating more flow, ease and grace. It’s about acknowledging our emotions (energy in motion) and safely clearing them to step forward without barricades and blocks in the way.

Sometimes we use EFT to clear smaller ‘traumas’ that are affecting us day to day, but are on the surface level. Like to sleepless night with a sick toddler, or the frustration and irritation we feel managing our bossy little pre-teen, or even the stress and worry of a reduced family income. You can probably function around these smaller problems, but if cleared we find the flood-gates open and our sense of JOY increases dramatically. Answers to problems become clearer and our ability to COPE increases ten-fold.

Other times you might be experiencing a larger trauma or problem – ones that prevent you from continuing with the rest of your life – these traumas, when left to fester, will find its way deep into the darkest corners of your subconscious mind and energy anatomy. Ultimately becoming a running script that controls your life. With EFT we can chip away at it from day 1 and release it before it’s found a permanent home within you.


Chakra Cleansing

The Chakras; 7 main energy centres within our body (with an additional 5 that live above our crown), govern ALL areas of our life and across the energetic, mental, physical and emotional planes. When we regularly cleanse our chakras and create a free flow of prana (life-force) we will start to see our life realign.

Chakras govern everything from our finances to our sense of self-worth and our ability to love others. Through to how we communicate, create, share and LIVE in this world. They are the pivotal. Combining EFT work with Chakra Cleansing (and white light) superchargers your emotional wellbeing and will create, when the work is done regularly, the shifts you are seeking in your life. The first cue that things are shifting in the right direction will be through your emotional wellbeing. You’ll start to FEEL differently.

We tune into our body and our chakra centres to actively seek out where our blockages live. In doing so we are able to consciously rise and release those blocks through chakra cleansing and EFT work.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils – found in the pharmacy of mother nature – also play a key role in emotional healing. They work on supporting healing in five stages, beginning at the physical end, through healing the heart, limiting beliefs, increasing spiritual awareness and tapping into one’s life’s purpose. They can function as a trigger – communicating to the limbic brain where we store emotions, memories and traumas – to safely shift what we no longer need.

These naturally occurring, aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, resin and other parts of plant. Essential oils, beautiful and powerfully fragrant, provide us with the energy required to tap into the emotions we may be repressing or to hold us as we release and let go. They raise the vibration of the physical body and in doing so the lower vibrational emotions (fear, anger, grief, frustration, sadness, anxiety etc) can be safely released as the body no longer wishes to hold onto them.

Essential Oils will foster the right environment for healing and support us as we do the work required to release the old and receive the new. They will hold you and guide you through the journey of self-healing.

The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom is ready for you beautiful mama.

  • Are you ready to become your own Alchemist and experience emotional freedom?
  • Are your ready to take ownership of how you feel, show up and experience motherhood?
  • Are you prepared to facilitate healing for yourself and your children too?

Yours for $69 




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PS. YES, you can join this program if you aren’t a mama. We’ve had MANY women participate who are not mothers and they’ve found the teachings to be universal and easily applicable.