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Claire Obeid

My joyful and precious life feels really, really good – body, mind, soul

What am I about? Oh-so-much. A soul-centered and heart-driven life. Inside-out wellness. Shadow work (from the darkness comes the light!) Truth-seeking. Leaning into the joy of life.

But let’s get real now. You are here for you! This is about YOU – what I’m truly about is supporting you on your own journey.

I work with heart-fueled women to help them step into lives of soulful surrender and full-blown wellness… balanced, truly happy and perfectly health.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to trudge through the dark, heavy days; through a dysfunctional body or a discontented heart. You just have to step forward, say YES and let me hold your hand.

But if you’ll stick around a little longer, let me tell you a story… It wasn’t always sunshine and roses. My life didn’t always feel so good. And, it’s because of where I’ve been and what I’ve journeyed through that I know I can help you.

Overly sensitive. Highly strung. An abundance of anxiety.

Yep, that was me, just a little over 10 years ago. I was constantly riding an emotional roller-coaster. I was often sick, always worried, and pretty damn unhappy.

You know, a general joy to be around!

I’d lost my way. Instead of the fulfilling, vibrant life I had imagined, I found myself knee-deep in irritable bowel syndrome, adrenal fatigue, an ectopic heartbeat, OCD, serious stress and a very, very conflicted mind.

It was definitely not the life I had dreamed of. In fact, I didn’t know what my dreams were, anymore. I was stuck in a destructive lifestyle (hello, little raver girl!) and I was completely lost.

I barely knew who I was, let alone what I wanted in life… It’s no surprise I was all kinds of messy.

The spark was there though. I’d get occasional flashes of my truth, sporadic flickers of the fire in my soul.

In those moments, my true qualities would peek out from under the layers of crap I’d piled on top of them. Like my intuition – I’ve always had a bizarre ability to tap into ‘wisdom’ much older than my years and a knack for ‘knowing’ what a person needs. And my strong ability to listen – I’ve always been great at hearing the real message behind the words and providing the right brand of support.

In fact, people used to tell me all the time that I should be a counselor. And you know what? I used to HATE that suggestion.

Me, guide people? Coach people? Listen to people whinge about their problems and do nothing about them? I couldn’t think of anything worse…(I was oh-so wrong about what a coach does, and that I would hate it…)

In the end, it took a serious tango with stress and sickness to help me breakthrough and find my own light.

I had two profound epiphanies that changed the course of my life.

The first one was during a yoga class. I was cracked open. Heart exposed. Completely blind-sided. Something deep within me shifted and I spent the entire class wiping away wet tears, which kept streaming down my face.

A crazy-deep knowing flooded my being:

‘There must be more than this: Fighting against myself , day-by-day and in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally’

I realised there was something more to life. Whether I liked it or not, I had started to transform. I finally got it – I had to make some serious changes, or else change would come at me in a very dark and sinister way. (I truly believe that the host of illnesses I had were signs for something much worse to come – which is the case with so many of us with lifestyle sicknesses.)

So I began to make those serious changes that were calling me.

  • I harnessed the power of yoga in every mind, body and soul (and became a yoga teacher too!)
  • I ditched the junk I’d been filling my system with and found my way back to real foods.
  • I embraced nourishing rituals – breath-work, meditation, daily journalling – and found my way back to love.
  • I moved away from the poor choices that I was buried under and rediscovered the real ‘me’.
I felt grounded. Liberated. Clear in my head.


People were even describing me as ‘calm’. (Woah!)

The second epiphany – three years after these changes – happened, unceremoniously, as I was straightening my hair. There I was, detangling my tresses, reflecting on this powerful transformative journey I had been on, when it struck me…

I am destined to help others. I always have been. It’s my ‘thing’.

The realization filled my belly. That’s it! Simultaneously exhilarating and crazy-pants scary.

“I’m supposed to help others help themselves. Not just listen to them, but guide them and support them in transforming, just as I have done.”

I knew it was about action and inspiration.

It was about walking my walk to help others do the same. Gulp.

It was almost like I had been hand-delivered my life’s passion + purpose. Other people had seen the potential in me for years, but it had taken me a little longer to realize it for myself.

I had rediscovered the ‘real’ Claire and reconnected to my truth – body, mind, spirit + soul – and the whole journey had sparked a fervent desire to help others do the same. I was determined to fuel the fire of desire burning within me and never, ever let it go out.

So, I took that desire and I ran with it.

I dove headfirst into ‘learning’. I studied yoga, coaching, EFT and so much more. To this day I am constantly studying, exploring and diving even deeper into all aspects of wellness.

Which brings me to here. Fast forward to now…

I am strong. Healthy. Shiny (from the inside out!).

I embrace freedom, I practice peace, and I surrender wholly.
And I’d love to help you experience that too.

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The official stuff:

Claire Obeid is a Certified Life + Wellness Coach, EFT, Meditation and Yoga Teacher who inspires women to discover balance, true happiness and perfect health. She reaches women in over 15 countries worldwide through her insightful and intuitive blog, video posts and dedicated Facebook page.

Claire runs personalised one-on-one coaching programs, wellness workshops, meditations, online programs and more. Her online meditation membership site for Om Mama Love has helped many mamas reconnect with their centre, find grounding, peace and presence.

She is the author of two popular ebooks: Get Out of Your Own Way: 17 Ways to Surrender for Your Best Life Yet! and INSPIRED: A DIY Retreat Guide to Distil Your Dreams + Clarify Your Visions. Check them out HERE.

Claire’s inspirational work has been featured in leading magazines and internationally renowned blogs, including Cosmo, NW, beautyheaven, Health&Wellbeing, Rescu, MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Girlfriend, Body + Soul, Women’s Health & Fitness, Cleo, The Wellness Warrior and countless other blogs.

With an intuitive, honest yet playful approach, Claire dishes up practical and spiritual advice to inspire true health and happiness. Her drum beats to the sound of personal growth, empowerment, inside-out wellness, spirituality and heart-spun connections. She goes for love + light but is happy to dive into shadow + darkness to get there!

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