Shadow hunter.
Seeker. Self-healer…

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My mission is for you to experience a life in alignment, inner attunement and embodied transformation through simple, powerful, potent tools coupled with my wisdom-filled guidance. My truest desire is for you to tap into a deeper felt sense of joy, connection and peace; to awaken to your inner knowing and live from your essence.

As a midwife to your awakening, I will usher you through your growth and hold the highest space for healing, birth and rebirth in its many forms.

I’m a cheerleader, uplifter and master illuminator – I see things you may not want to! – with a strong yet gentle palm to nudge you along.
I empower you to heal yourself. I teach potent spiritual medicine and magic so you can reach for it whenever you need to.
This work is a part of my soul blueprint. I’m energetically hardwired to seek out the shadows and transmute them into light.

I am here to teach, speak my truth, authentically share and guide from an ancient pool of wisdom.


Energy Psychology. Soul Guidance. Inner Child Healing. Shadow Clearing. Space Holding. Practical Magic. Spiritual Medicine. Conscious Awakening. Emotional Alchemy.

This is the rich tapestry of my journey of awakening, healing and transformation. Each has led me into divine service. To uplift and support. Perhaps these words resonate with your journey, too?

I’ve been awakening and returning home to my essence for many years now – each stage of life opens new portals of consciousness, wounds to heal and space to stretch into. There have been pivotal turning points down rabbit holes of self-study, healing, upgrades and growth.

I doubt I’ll ever be done healing, transforming, exploring, or expanding. It’s threaded into the very fibre of my curious being. From each lived experience – from this and every lifetime – that I move through, I am compelled to authentically share and ultimately teach the lessons I receive.

This is why I am able to stand with such conviction as a guide, mentor and teacher.


  • I am a truth teller. A soul seer. A joy junkie.
  • I am deeply passionate about the shadows within and the light that burns bright when we heal them.
  • I am lit up by energy psychology and energy medicine. We are, after all, vibrational beings.
  • I am a neuroscience geek. I love how the brain works and the way our bodies keep score. The soma (body) knows and is a powerful portal for our healing and growth.
  • I am a lightworker. I could spend hours shining a light on our unconscious selves, the inner child and ego.
  • I am a beacon of wisdom, love and clarity. I honour women and mamas in Sacred Circle.
  • I am a devoted meditator. I dig the Angel Realm, believe in our own Divinity and would willingly spend hours in sacred silence.
  • I am wholehearted, authentic, and blessed with ancient wisdom. I am hardwired for happiness but unafraid of the shadows and our inevitable – necessary – struggles.
  • I am an illuminator, a communicator, an expressive being and a natural guide.
  • I am a triple Aquarian; my nature demands that I work with many different tools and rituals. I cannot limit myself to one modality
  • I am an Alchemist. I take these gifts and turn them into my own unique and inspired gold. It is this very gold that I harness with my clients.


It’s a pilgrimage and a privilege to step into a place of authenticity and sovereignty.


It’s taken me 38 years to finally own the Rule-Breaking Rebel within that I’ve always questioned, dismissed or disowned. The Wild Healer me that’s passionate about many powerful gifts. The Intuitive and Psychic me that draws on claircognizant (knowing) and clairsentient (feeling) ways of intuiting. These archetypes within have been honed over many lifetimes and I no longer deny them as a definitive part of who I am.

I used to question my defining archetypes and look to others for definition.
Instead of throwing the rule book out to live and work intuitively and naturally, I clung to rules and systems for too long; it felt safer than my own irreverence for the ‘shoulds’ of this world.
I thought the ‘normal’ way was the right and safe way. Instead of embracing my soul-deep ability to cherry pick ideas, rapidly absorb different skills, work abundantly with what I love and make something my own, I spent years wondering deep down if I simply wasn’t good enough. 
Instead of trusting my own brand of being and following the sacred bread crumbs of insight, I spent way too long aching for “spiritual validation” – to fit like others seem to do effortlessly. I brushed off the truth that my particular wisdom is ancient, sharp and threaded with emotional intelligence, compassion and fire. And if I finally fit in, that fire would turn to useless ash.
Now I know that my Soul is too big to fit in; and so is yours. Today I own and share all of me – the messy, polarising, beautiful and jagged archetypes and aspects that serve others so deeply on their journeys.


What happens when you throw in years of yoga study and practice, various forms of meditation, energy healing, energy psychology, breathwork, wellness, and motherhood?

In my case, I received an alchemized experience. A slow scorching of the old self as I transformed and forged anew in a gentle burning, yet deeply healing flame. I’ve spent the last 15 years diving deep as a student and practitioner into spiritual and soul-based studies, consciousness work, energy healing modalities, psychology, trauma awareness, movement and somatic based practices. I’ve entered the depths of me in order to powerfully and consciously hold space as you enter your depths too. Every experience, modality, learning or tool that I have loved I now offer as a coach, mentor and guide. If I have experienced growth from it, you will too. I offer you the opportunity for Alchemical Transformation in many ways.


Motherhood and Womanhood rebirthed me. A metamorphosis of my being, transforming me over unexpected flames. The scorching has been real.

Personally, motherhood has been a spiritual fast track. Fast doesn’t always mean easy or fun. I’ve been shown childhood voids, unravelled the red thread, felt into triggers, witnessed the role of my subconscious mind, and observed the mother-line wounding. All of it stirred up by the experience of motherhood and brought into my awareness for me to observe, understand and ultimately heal. Part of being consciously alive means there is always more healing and transformation to come. I say bring it on. I’m not one to run from the shadows and the dark nights of the soul because I know it’s in there that the real transmutation happens. Not instantly, not overnight, but it happens. And my GODDESS is it awesome to experience and observe in other mamas. That’s why birth, matrescence (the journey and transformation of motherhood) and conscious parenting are at the core of my personal and professional focus. I will always be a mother and it will always shape and direct me.

Big stuff. Beautiful stuff. The rebirth of me.



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