After attending a yoga retreat last week and having very indepth conversations with like-minded yogis on health and nutrition, I came to understand that yoga has a profound affect on nutrition – the way we eat and the way we relate to food. That is exactly what happened to me after I began practicing but I didn’t realise that the affect was almost universal.

As the food industry relentlessly bombards us with a new fad diet or confusing ‘must-do’, or rule we are all forgetting how to eat instictively healthy – feeding our bodies what we need to grow, be nourished and healthy.

Through yoga there is a natural progression towards making better food choices without the guilt and emotinal battering we often put ourselves through.

The physical asana practices creates a deep awareness, deeping our understanding of our body and what it needs. Through yoga what grows is a conscious of foods that create a consistent sense of wellbeing or even those foods that create a sluggish, tired body or overactive unsettled mind.
Over time, yoga encourages it students to come into a more comfortable and balanced relationship with food.

It takes time, be patient, begin to tune into the body and listen. Through building discipline in your practice, inviting patience and cultivating compassion you can begin to overcome alot of the food quirks we often have. No matter how formidable they may seem. And start to love your food in a healthier way.

Enjoy it all.

Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live (and eat!)




  1. You are not nuts… although I have considered the same about myself many times. Glad this helped you out and hopefully enlightened your hubby a little.

    Thanks for your comment!


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