Happy Friday lovelies!

Some of you may have seen this week’s VLOG via my eNewsletter where i announced the winner of the Valentine’s Day Bundle of Love prize. (You have to be subscribed to receive it). I also asked a very important question to you all which I thought I’d open it up here in case you missed the VLOG.

So, here goes. would you like an eCourse or an eBook?

I have this concept in mind that touches on a topic close to my heart – learning how to surrender to the good, bad and ugly moments, experiences (challenges and more) in life. It’s something I think we all struggle with.

How do I surrender in this moment?
How do I embrace change or a situation I thought would turn out different?
How do I let go of past hurt and grievances so I can move forward?
How do I loosen my attachment to habitual ways of thinking and behaving that don’t serve me?

Wellness is all about awareness. It is the catalyst for change and growth. All the good food in the world won’t do a thing if we are thinking, feeling and being in a way that is hardened, attached, caught up, wound up, afraid.

But where I am stumped is in deciding what would be the best format to deliver this.

eBook or eCourse?

This is where you, your thoughts and opinions, come into play.

Help me out? Share with me below what you think might be the best option. A course obviously allows for greater options (videos, audio) and will guide you through a journey of transformation (similar to my current eCourse – Renew Yourself). Whereas an eBook is a resource, a nice chunk of informations to devour, absorb, apply and reread.

What do you think? What would you prefer and what would benefit YOU the most? That’s right, tell me your needs. Go on!

Lots of gratitude to you in advance. I’m so looking forward to your comments below.

Saha to you,
Claire x



  1. This type of subject, I think with video's and interactive chat I think would work well. I think these big subjects can take time to work through, and to be able to take the info in and then process and put into action and then come back to the course say the following week and get more.. there would also be some sort of leave beind or summary that could be given to reference later.

  2. Would doing both be a possibility? Either one is going to appeal to different people depending on their learning style. Maybe the eBook could be part of the resource material for the course and then others have the option of just buying the book? Whatever you go with, good luck! Sounds exciting.

  3. An ebook would be fantastic. Love losing myself & being totally absorbed in a great book. Also to be able to re read as a resource would be wonderful!!!!

  4. I think an ecourse for this type of thing. It means people will be checking in regularly and you can help them get past blocks. Many times people already have the information but it's about making it real in your life, and I think courses are better at that than books. xx

  5. I think an ebook is a great idea. It's portable and provides flexible learning at a time convenient to the reader. I also think you will attract a readership that will already be open to the ideas presented in the book x.

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