Let’s talk about bad moods. Aren’t they sneaky, shady little characters. And by characters I mean our alter-egos, because I certainly do not recognize nor do I like myself when a bad mood comes to visit. In an attempt to understand bad moods a little more I need your help. I’ve asked you a question via this week’s video blog…

You might like to read this article I wrote, recently published on MindBodyGreen – it builds on the idea of ‘Leaving/Changing/Accepting’ which I mention in the video above.

My hunch is that my question raised in the video – how do you tackle bad moods – is one that there are plenty of us out there that would love some tips, guidance, suggestions and encouragement.

I am so eager to hear how YOU turn a bad mood around. Can we throw a bone out to help each other learn and grow?

Please share in the comments below or via facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you! Hoping you are in!

Saha to you,

Claire x

p.s If you want to see how I shook off my bad mood the other day have a little peak at my home yoga practice. It did the trick!



  1. For some reason, I always tidy or clean my apartment if I can, and then I sulk. I'm really not good at snapping out of bad moods unfortunately! I guess I just try and remove myself from the situation. Lately I have been trying to notice the things around me, like the trees etc and just remain in the present, but this is something I'm definitely still working on!

  2. Depending on the bad mood, I generally read a book, something that takes me some other place, not always real and then before I know it I have forgotten or at least moved on from what ever it was that put me in that place. At work, I get in the lift go out the front doors of the building, breath and then do the reverse. It is amazing how even 2 minutes can change how you reflect what ever it was that triggered a bad mood. Ultimately though some moods need to be dealt with head on, acknowledge the frustration, yell into a pillow or stand in the shower and cry it out. For me at my stage of existence, yelling or ranting doesn't work, it doesn't fix anything and doesn't make me feel good. I prefer to live in the positive spaces and not linger in the negative ones any longer than is necessary.

  3. I need all the help I can get when it comes to managing bad moods. I have always 'managed' mine in unhealthy ways – usually eating anything I want, impulsive shopping, latching onto that mood/grudge for dear life and not letting go of it until I've completely exhausted myself and shut down. Ridiculous, and so emotionally immature, I know. Luckily I don't get into bad moods often – but I know that's not the point. Wish I could contribute some wisdom to this post. Instead I think I will read everyone else's posts and try and gain some. xo

  4. Thanks beautiful lady. I think your honesty (above) has contributed to the post. It's good for us all to hear some of the ways we 'react' and 'respond' to bad moods. It shines a light on our own behaviour that perhaps needs addressing. XX

  5. I put on my iPod and listen to a teacher of being, which elevates me to a place where I can see the mood for what it is, if there is an issue which has given rise to the mood I can then constructively deal with it, without my judgemental self talk.

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