This is a call to action. It’s time to love your body more. Are you ready? Are you with me?


The body our spiritual selves inhabit is so much more than just flesh and bone. It’s the vehicle we are blessed to have that allows us to be playful, adventurous, move, breathe, live, love and so much more.

Your body is DIVINE. Sacred. Damn beautiful, if you ask me.

Yet, why is it so easy to forget that? Speaking from experience, I know how easy it is to harass our gorgeous bods with hateful thoughts and cruel words.

Today’s VLOG was inspired by the realisation that I had that, for the first time in a long time, I was playing in that negative head space again. Call it your ego, your mean-girl, your saboteur, that inner-voice of disdain… whatever you choose to call it, we all know how easy it is to let that unwelcome energy into and overtake our minds, hearts, bodies.
I’m here, admitting that I have moments where my body, (beautiful, hard-working, patient body) cops an emotional beating. But I’m also here to check myself, and YOU, into remembering how profoundly special our bodies are and to remind you to LOVE your body so much your heart sings out with joy.
I’m not going to go historical on you and start explaining WHY young women (and men) struggle with loving their bodies (society, culture, religion, sexuality)… Even if you don’t ‘know’  why, you get it, don’t you? You get in, in your heart – the suppression, the sexualisation of women in media, the patriarchal society (Ok, I’ll stop – it’s hard not to go into it!)
I’m also not going to go into why we need to love our bodies. Seriously, you get that too, right? It’s not that you ARE your body – definitely not, you are so, oh-so, much more than that…

You are the universe.

You are divinity.

You are spirit-soul

You are god-like.

Because you are all those things (energy, really) you need a vehicle, a costume of sorts that will allow you to be here on this gorgeous earth and do your thang.  That’s what your body is all about. Despite that truth, your body, although it’s not who you really are, is still a vital and integral part to your journey.

It is part of your divine journey, so we can’t ignore it, discredit it, treat it poorly, harm it. And that includes the way you think, feel and talk about your beautiful body.

All I wanted  to do with today’s VLOG is friggen INSPIRE you. To finally get you to say ENOUGH. I will not talk and think this way about myself any longer.




I want you to walk away from this post feeling a little more in love with you – the whole you, the thighs that rub together, the saggy breasts, the crooked nose, the scar(s), the stretch marks, the short legs, the too long legs, the good bits, the forgotten bits, the parts that you take for granted, the *insert the part you wish you could change here*….

You are perfect. Yes, you.

Maybe the realisation that you are pure perfection – the divine personified – will encourage you to love yourself in the way you deserve. Maybe that’s going to that yoga class, eating clean, cutting back on booze, sleeping more, working less, slowing down, finding balance, meditating.

So without further adieu, click to watch the video where I share:

  • What I particularly don’t like about my body, right now
  • Why we need to reframe our perspective for more bodylove.
  • What I’ve been doing to change my mindset towards my body and how you can too!
  • How being conscious, aware and respectful is what our body deserves
  • The call to action – how to spread the #bodylove message online!


Are you with me? Is it time for you to love your body? Share below by finishing this sentence:

*I love my body because__________*

love + light,
Claire x


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