my life behind the scenes … the juggle and ALL!

my life behind the scenes… the juggle and all.

I saw an Instagram post the other day from a beautiful, fellow coach I love and admire. She was sharing how she works throughout the month – how she needs a lot of alone time, how she works around her moon cycle. And how she doesn’t have a desk, rocks clients and juicy writing sessions and starts work (and finishes ) late.P.s her name is Claire Baker. I highly recommend you connect with her – particularly her work on learning to “Adore Your Cycle”

It was a lovely post because it gave us an insight into life behind the scenes. Let’s be honest, we all love a sneaky peek behind the curtains.

It made me contemplate how different things are now, running a business arounda toddler. It’s something I always planned back in 2010 when I was dreaming up my coaching/online business. I knew one day I would be in this place.

But this place is completely different to the business I was running 2.5 years ago.

Today I don’t have the luxury of working around my cycle, or having dance breaks, or going into the creative cave for long (Gosh, I do miss all of that!) Because I have to squeeze in my coaching around my days with Soleil and my husband’s schedule.

Juggle is an understatement.

But on deeper reflection I can see that I do have my own ‘way’ of doing things… constantly adjusting and tweaking to the ever changing demands of motherhood. Yet there is still a sort of rhythm. It’s messy and it’s never set in concrete… but I want to share this with you. Perhaps it might give you some little nugget that will support you in your own ‘JUGGLE’.++

  • As much as possible I get up by 5:30am. This only began once Soleil started sleeping through at 21-ish months.
  • I meditate – usually a chakra or mantra meditation.
  • I then hit my yoga mat – which is always rolled out in the living room – for a Kundalini flow or a I do a 20 minute Barre Body Online Class.
  • If there is time I will oil pull and tongue clean or neti-pot. This definitely doesn’t happen as often as I want to
  • I always start my day with a cup of warm water, lemon, ACV and coconut oil– sometimes a drop of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil too.
  • Lately I’ve been experimenting with BulletProof Coffee and fasting till 12. It’s working so far.
  • I try not to, but spend most of the morning flitting between rooms tidying, prepping for our morning outing, making breakfast, putting on/hanging out laundry, showering.
  • I hate to admit it but sometimes I fall into the trap of ‘doing’ too much and not ‘being’… Motherhood especially has exasperated this. So my morning is often a battle between the two. Presence, definitely feels so much better.
  • I look forward to nap time like a newborn baby wants the boob! Once Soleil is down I get to breathe for a moment. I start with lunch. UsuallyI cook and eat it whilst watching a little bit of netflix. 15 minutes max. Then I hit my desk. I look at my diary so I know exactly what I’m meant to tackle that day.
  • And I tackle it. But then again, sometimes I don’t. Like when I’m exceptionally tired, run down, or just not feeling it and everything is saying STOP. NO MORE. DO LESS.
  • I listen. Despite the limited time I have, if it’s not URGENT and NOT IMPORTANT, then, well I cut the guilt story and find another time to do it.
  • I love by my google calendar. Everything is scheduled – from morning meditation, time with Soleil, coaching clients, yoga classes, workshops, appointments.
  • I use this calendar when I sit down anytime between Friday and Sunday to write out my weekly list to dos – this includes self-care. What do I know I need in the coming week to support me?
  • I then look at this list an jot down the tasks directly into my diary on the days I need to action them. Both sit on my desk. Always.
  • Every Friday when Soleil goes to daycare it’s a big day of work, but a new non-negotiable for me is that I must do something special just for me. Sometimes it’s a facial, often it’s a long yoga class.
  • This is also the day my cleaner comes. Hooray! She bangs around the house scrubbing and dusting. I LOVE the way the house feels after she’s finished. I am tidy, but hate scrubbing. I also don’t iron. Like, you’d have to pay me.
  • I am often having to juggle/reschedule my calendar. Surrender. My husband is currently travelling… a lot. That is a whole seperate email. But it means really supporting him and being as flexible ( literally and mentally) as I can. Which I sometimes suck at.
  • I’m the kind of person that really needs a lot of alone time… and having a toddler at me ALL DAY really drains me. (It also brings out my playful, inner child too!) So I really have to consciously carve out that alone time. That might be closing the door and hibernating on the weekend during nap time. Or going to an early yoga class and not saying a word to anyone. Or disconnecting from Social Media because it drains me and makes me feel ‘switched on’ all the time.
  • Business wise, I’m really over the game of creating, launching, and pedalling. I just want to write. Connect. Share. Host beautiful workshops and circles. Right now I don’t feel very entrepreneurial.
  • I have a desk, squeezed into our bedroom. With my office long gone when Soleil was born. I don’t love it, it’s not my ideal, but at least there is one contained space to store my business paraphernalia.
  • Right now I’m drafting this whilst my little one is alternating between jumping on the couch beside me and giving me cuddles. And yes, the TV is on (which I feel guilty about, but hey I chose to nap/meditate at her nap time today).
  • I don’t work or do social media after 8pm. I’ve tried, and it just fries me. My VATA Dosha is not happy.
  • I must be in bed by 9:30pm. If I’m not exhausted the next day, even after a full 8 hours and it effects my morning ritual.
  • I love reading, and I have a stack of books that I never seem to finish lately. Old Claire used to read three books a week. I figure I’ll be able to do that again someday!
  • I usually only wash and style my hair once a week. Make-up occasionally. Generally I’m rocking out the mum-bum. A shower and getting some essential oils and coconut oil on my skin is pretty high on the daily must list. I like feeling presentable, clean, stylish. In fact, I love fashion but I also don’t care what people think… so Jeans and a messy bun it is.
  • I drink hot cacao, coconut oil + a fave essential oil (like Wild Orange, Peppermint or Cinnamon) every day.
  • I don’t really eat much sugar. Honey, yes. If I make raw treats. But it’s not in our home.
  • I follow the principles of clean eating, love my naturopath, believe and loosely follow Ayurveda. Trust that every single human body is different.
  • I love and respect Mother Nature so deeply. From her Plant Magic Medicine, to the food she provides, the incredible earth we live on… all of it.
  • I aim to be positive, grateful and trusting. But I sometimes fail at or forget how to do this well.


Ok – so I think that is MORE than enough right now. A mash-up of how I work and well.. live, at this stage of my life. Maybe something inspires you? Or reminds you to do/change something in your life?

Hit me back – share a piece, or two of YOU with me? Or let me know what you thought of the above? Is there anything else about ME you really want to know?

love + light,
Claire xx

P.s more Essential Oils workshops coming soon. Stay TUNED.
P.p.s I’ll more sharing info on how you can join my doTERRA Business Team soon. If you know already you are keen to explore this, hit me back an email and a little note!

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