The one thing I could share with you

If there was only one thing I could share with you it would be this…

Here we are, in May. Wow.

I’m a little blown away that we are nearing the mid-way point of 2016. So many dreams to make manifest. So many things to tick off the list. So much left undone.

Yet at the same time, so many dreams already have become a reality. So much HAS been done. So much joy and love filling this heart of mine.

We often get a little overwhelmed and flustered when we notice time hurtling past us that we don’t remember to stop and actually take stock of how much we have achieved.

We may have started something new, travelled, had a baby – lots of big, beautiful experiences. Or maybe your year has dished up lots of ‘smaller’ more internal achievements like mental and emotional shifts.

Realigning priorities.

Saying NO more often.

Moving through challenges with more peace and acceptance.

So take a moment now. Deep breath first. And offer up thanks for everything that has unfolded already for you this year. The good, the bad, the not so pretty, the damn ugly.

Instead of getting wound up in what’s left unfinished so far, all the things you wanted to start and haven’t yet (for me that = a new ebook AND a new meditation offering. OH for more TIME!) look at all you have accomplished in mind, body and soul. You’ve done a lot beautiful.

You have kicked many, many goals. And even if, like me, your life revolves around baby, THAT is a huge achievement (nurturing and nourishing life). If fact, it’s one of the biggest if I do say so myself


Before I leave you today there is something I want to share… in fact, if I was only ever able to pass on ONE lesson, ONE tool… that ONE ‘thing’ in which I truly feel could change your life it is this….


I was lucky enough to speak at a Bloggers Brunch (by Kids Business) last Friday to a room full of incredible mama’s (who are all working, blogging, mumming and juggling!).

I decided to share the core of my life’s lessons and work which is the experience, energy and attitude of SURRENDER and how this leads to a life of freedom. 

It’s a message that I still feel needs to be heard, relearnt and practiced over and over again.

Alongside me, the delightful Jacinta Tynan (author and speaker) also spoke of the importance of presence and surrender.

At the end of our presentations we had a quick chat on the power of meditation and how – as mamas and women of this world – it has been our life blood and saving grace. We both concluded the same thing, almost in unison:

“If there was only one thing I could pass on and hopefully influence others into experiencing, that would be meditation. I would only ever share meditation, if that’s all I could”.

Meditation is the single one thing that has invited me to connect deeper with myself and the world around me at the same time. It has provided me with more peace, clarity, surrender, compassion and willingness than anything else ever has or ever could …

Meditation has made this quote become a reality for me. It has made it possible to live up to these words:

Problems will never cease. Life never stops throwing massive (heavy) curve balls that throw you off course. However we can find peace despite it. Or because of it.

But if we are able to stay in the centre of storm, make the choose to not object (so loudly and profusely) it makes that storm bearable. Sometimes even beautiful. Often life-changing.

(p.s thank you to Kimbalikes on Instagram for turning my words into this gorgeous quote)


So my lovelies. If today you take ONE thing out of this newsletter, please make it this.


Enough dancing around the idea of meditation, if you’ve yet to start. 
Enough putting it off even though you know how good it is for you.
Enough sidelining it for folding the laundry and staring at your wrinkles in the mirror.


No more ‘tomorrow I’ll start’. Start today.
No more ‘I just can’t meditate’. You can. You will.
No more believing it’s for everyone else and not you. Stillness is at the very core of your higher self.


Meditate with me

If you need a helping hand to start meditating please check out my guided meditations. Professionally recorded and to stunning soundtracks I know you, like thousands before you, will love these meditations.

There are three albums to choose from, focusing on different needs and desires and each come with a journalling guide too. The Reveal Your Inner Radiance meditations are short, powerful and created specifically to support you through the plethora of challenges and situations we find ourselves in.

Sending you so much love + light today and everyday

Claire x

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