There is so much coconut love out there. It’s not just me that’s mad for it. This makes me so happy because it means that coconut, which I have loved since I was a child, is readily available in every kind of form.

With so many blog posts out there on coconut I realised I had never actually shared a few of my favourite uses. Some of this might be old news, but if at least one of you gets on board the coconut wagon because of this post, then job done.

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Uses:

  1. Every night I moisturise my face and body with coconut oil
  2. I rub it into my lips, under my eyes and my cuticles when moisturising
  3. Once a week a do a coconut oil mask
  4. I cook with it – great for high temperatures – and add to smoothies
  5. Add it to tea – it adds a new dimension and a beautiful texture
  6. I shave my legs with it
  7. I also take a spoonful each day as a supplement – it is naturally anti-bacterial, supports your immune system, helps digestion and metabolism and also provides energy and sustenance
  8. I use it as a natural deodorant (yep, it’s finally happened, I am deodorant free!)

I also use coconut flakes, cream, milk or water in tea, soups, smoothies, baked goods and raw treats. Not to mention I usually have at least 1 coconut scented candle in my home.

There are some out there that truly use coconut oil for everything. Check out this blog for 101 uses!

Enjoy + saha to you,

Claire x




  1. Hi Bettina, I guess it depends on what you are doing? I am not an overly sweaty person (except in Ashtanga Yoga!) and find it works fine throughout a normal day. But if you were using it for serious protection I wouldn't know how effective it'd be. Perhaps try it? Let me know if you do. x

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