8 Ways to REALIGN when you’re feeling lost

8 Ways to REALIGN when you’re feeling lost

Gosh there is so much rattling around in my head. Are you feeling the same?

Since my 35th birthday and the White Light Healing Retreat I did last weekend (OH and the divine New Moon workshop with Amy Taylor Kabbaz) there is a jungle of ideas, feelings, fears, thoughts taking up my mental white space.

It’s good, sort of. I’m writing and brainstorming and getting these ideas down – there’s so much I want to do and create and share (agh, MORE time please!) And new thoughts keep coming to me;

P.s some of these ideas include bringing back The 21 Days of Meditation Project – remember that goodie?! But for now… Shhhh!

I’m seeing more live workshops.
I’m feeling into powerful online masterclasses.
I’m tuning into more words, writing, storytelling.

However, and truthfully, the state of the world and the way we abuse its people and animals and mama earth has been weighing on me. Deeply. (I rewatched The Cove AND Blackfish this week – my ‘activist’ aquarian heart clearly wanted to be front and centre this week).

Many tears have been shed this week. 

A lot of pain has been felt. A huge disconnection and discontentment yet at the same time a massive PULL to be more IN the world. Integral to raising its vibration and participating in its mass healing.

Which is why there is this bizarre jungle mess in my mind and heart. This PUSH-PULL between feeling so much pain Vs DEEP gratitude Vs feeling called to create and do my (somewhat small) part in raising the vibrations through love, consciousness and personal healing. And underneath that is my humble desire to just be a mama and hold space for my Soleil in this world.

(Oh and did I mention time? Where is it? How do I get more of it? There are never enough hours in the day, are there!)


Scatterbrain much?! Yep… that’s how I’m feeling. So I do what I always do – and I’m sharing these with you today just incase you are feeling the same.

8 ways to realign when you’re feeling lost:

1) I reach out to my soul-sisters. 

I literally ask for help. I ask for their shoulder to lean on and cry on. I express my feelings and I soak up their wisdom. My vulnerability opens me up to receiving the love, guidance and wisdom that my soul needs. But it also opens the conversation up to others who need space to express their struggles and truths too. So in essence we start to hold circle and carry each other through. It’s life changing.

2) I journal the junk out of the head. 

Over and over and over. I story-tell my way through the jungle. I pull down the feelings and put them to paper. I navigate through the weeds of twisted thoughts and find insight, clarity, direction.

3) I make a plan.

When it comes to creative ideas I jot them down, I feel into what i’m called to action, now and then I start noting down next steps. Know this though, I might NOT action them straight away. Sometimes I still just need to percolate in those feelings before I take the inspired action necessary

4) I meditate like a mofo.

Seriously, I meditate like my sanity depends on it. Because it does, and my health too. I focus on grounding, lower chakra meditations. Or forgiveness + compassion meditations. Or love and presence. Or whatever the hell feels right, but I do it. Daily. Why? Because I need the energetic support. I need to heal. I need to still be a mama and a coach and a team leader. I still need to cook dinner and function. Life still happens despite the chaotic dance and flurry of BIG emotions that are happening. And meditation allows me to find space, to breathe and to BE.

Want to get your hands on some of my meditations? Visit my SHOP to see my meditation albums. Oh and Mamas head here for your own dedicated meditation membership. 

5) I move my body.

I use my body as vehicle to hold, honour and then release whatever it is that must go. Lots of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. I get my heart rate. And then I slowly, stretch and breath. Just embodying it all.

6) I trust and hold faith. 

Everything passes. It all shifts and unfurls into something new. An upleveling perhaps? The light of new lessons. A burst of energy, clarity, joy. If I stay in faith, then I don’t spiral into victim-mode, or worse still FUTILITY.

7) I eat even cleaner.

Although my head might say, Oh go on, EAT ALL THE COOKIES. I know my higher self and my body wants to keep it clean. So I honour that. Processed, high-sugar food actually creates an energetic and mental fog that clouds my truth, my judgement and my ability to move through the jungle with a little more ease. And that also means beautiful, powerful supplements and super foods. 

8) I harness mother nature.

I visit the ocean. Ground my feet into the earth. Get whipped about with invigorating ocean air. I walk through parks and take my shoes off. I burn essential oils at home.


I know none of this is NEW. I never promised ground-breaking (ha!) I offer this to you, though, as a gentle reminder that if you are ever lost in the fog or the jungle of your mind and you can’t make sense of it all just yet, then know you have the power to consciously support yourself!

One last BONUS point: Gratitude. Fill your heart and mind with prayer and gratefulness for all that you do have. All that you can do. All that you are. From the micro to the macro. Dose up on gratitude.

love + light,
Claire xx


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