Winter wellness: 7 ways to love winter more

As I write this, for the first time this year, I can feel the chilly breath of winter – sneaking its way in to my home, life, body. It’s technically still Autumn,  but it’s a-coming! Loving winter is not something that comes easily to me. In fact, it’s taken me years to appreciate the winter season. It’s not a tough ask to fall in love with Spring, Summer and Autumn – these seasons deliver up an an easy hit of love. But poor old winter barely gets a tenth of that love.

It’s harder work to savor winter … and surprisingly also well worth it. I’ve found a few ways over the last few years to really embrace the beauty of and love winter more. Winter wellness is not only about eating well and staying motivated, but it’s about squeezing the life out of winter – really tapping into what winter is good for and how to work with it, not against it.

7 Ways to love winter more

1. Devour more books Over the summer (and even into Autumn) I find it so much harder to read books. And by read I mean devour. I love to read, alot. I’m happiest when I get through at least 2 books a week. Winter is a time for that. So I stock pile in advance. I love curling up on the end of my bed in a patch of winter sunshine and getting lost in the written word

2. Study more. With the online world a hub of ecourses, ebooks, audiobooks – there is so much to dive into. Whether you need to refine your business skills, take a wellness program, do some self-enquiry, an art course, a personal transformation course – do something you’ve always intended on doing over winter

3. Get cooking. With all the extra time out of the cold and spent indoors I love to take the time to experiment and find new recipes to add to my repetoire. Sunday afternoon baking (and eating) brings a smile on my face – even just writing those words.

4. Move your body in a different way. If you are normally an outdoor runner, walker or anything else really but you struggle to get up and out in the cold, use winter as a change to mix things up. Join a yoga studio and go to classes. Sign-up to an online yoga/pilates website and take classes from your own home. Join a new gym. Go to weekly rock-climbing or trapeze classes. Use winter as a chance to change things up for your body, and your mind.

5. Permission to sleep-in Ok, when I say sleep-in I still mean rise with the sun, but allow that natural urge to hibernate get some air time. If you normally rise between 5 and 5:30am (like I do, then push it back a little on the days you need to, and rise with war, sun. Maybe on the weekends sleep in till 7. It’s our bodies natural desire to rest and hibernate in winter (although there is a fine line between resting and slacking off completely)

6. Pack your bags and travel Break up the cold with a little weekend away to somewhere warmer. Get some Vitamin D, reboot and you’ll sail through to spring. Start a meditation practice. With all that time spent in doors why not get a meditation practice going. You can learn from a teacher or better still get a collection of guided meditations to listen to you. You can check out my digital meditation album here.

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And…Just because I love you, here are four bonus winter wellness tips.

  • Look after your skin. Switch your skincare regime to a more hydrating product. Exfoliate regularly. Hot water, cold air, heaters… they dehydrate the body.
  • Eat more soups, stews and warmly spiced foods. Be kind to your digestive system and give it lots of warming, nourishing foods. Winter is the Vata and Kapha season – and these energy types need good old fashioned winter food.
  • Get outside into the winter sunshine. Vitamin D deficiency is an issue, especially over winter. So sit outside, in the midday sun during winter without sun protection (yes, shock horror) for 20 minutes and soak up those rays of goodness.
  • Luxuriate in long soaks in the bath tub. Candles. Bubbles. A good book. Not so easy in the stinking humidity of summer… perfect for the cool nights of winter.

Your turn: Do you have any winter wellness tips of your own? Care to share? I’d love to hear from you – comment below!

love + light, Claire x

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  1. Great post! I especially find it easier to do heated yoga in the winter than summer. There’s something comforting about practicing yoga in the early hours of the morning in the warmth of the studio when it’s cold outside.

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