As I write this It’s a balmy 23 degrees in Sydney. Yep… we call this winter.

But this is no early Spring. It’s a freak-of-nature moment that only does one thing – trick us! The problem is right now middle/late winter and into early spring we are in the thick of what is called Kapha season according to Ayurveda.

In case you want a little recap or you are new to Ayurveda head over to this post written by the amazing Ayurvedic Expert, Monica Bloom.

What is Kapha Season?

Every dosha/nature within Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – relates to a season or time of year. As mentioned, for those in the Southern Hemipshere, we are in the middle of Kapha now.

Have you ever noticed how you will almost make it through winter without a cold/flu and then towards the end of winter you get knocked down with the snottiest, goopiest cold ever? Yep, you can thank Kapha for that!

What are the qualities of Kapha?

Kapha relates to water AND earth. What do you get when you put those together? Goopy, slimy mud. Thick, slow-moving, wet, unctious. That, my friends, is Kapha.

Kapha energy is cold, wet and heavy. Sounds like winter and early spring, right? These qualities on a physiological perspective are important. The lubrication within Kapha is responsible for keeping our body supple and strong.

Now… because we are entering the season where there is MORE Kapha qualities thrown about (more cold, rain, heaviness) we need to be mindful of this and do what we can to stay in balance. This applies to everyone, even if you don’t have any Kapha in your Ayurvedic profile. I am a Vata-Pitta and yet I still get affected by Kapha if I don’t manage it properly.

How do we stay in balance during Kapha season?

  1. We stay warm and dry. Try not to let the warmer weather tease you and go throwing off your winter layers. Don’t be fooled. Stay bundled up and stay dry – out of the rain and even out of the ocean (unless you’ve been swimming all season).
  2. Get mobile! MOVE. Kapha energy tends to be slow and heavy, we need to counteract that big time. So get walking, running, do a PT session, go to more dynamic, flowing yoga classes. Get sweaty!
  3. When it comes to diet keep it light. Lots of veggies and a small portion of carbs and protein. Eat spicy foods – turmeric, cayenne pepper, cumin, chilli – to keep the fire going. If you are a vata/pitta go easy on the spices!
  4. Rise by 6am. Kapha season coupled with Kapha time of day (from 6am – 1oam) can make for a very sluggish, slow kind of day. Get up by 6am to keep your energy alive and rocking.
  5. Start clearing out. Spring clean your home, do a spring clean of your wardrobe, recycle /donate  stuff you don’t need. Go through every corner of your life and detox!
  6. Prepare for a cleanse by early spring. It’s time to detox from all that beautiful wintry food – stews, soups, roasts are perfect for winter, now we need to clear out the colon and kick-start our metabolism again.
  7. A Bonus tip for you! Enjoy turmeric in your diet! Check out this post for ideas.

Keep eating a clean, fresh diet. Up your intake of Vitamin C, B, Zinc, Olive Leaf Extract, Andrographis or any other immunity boosting supplements you prefer.

love + light,

Claire x

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