Your 6 month review

2017 – Your 6 month review…what is the state of play so far? And where to from here?

2017 has been intense for me so far. Ha, when is it not?

In all seriousness though, 2017 has been intense in a different way. I was going to write ‘HUGE LESSONS’ but actually it’s been more about deep spiritual shifts and more than one ‘bitch-slap’ from the universe.Have you felt that too?

I want to say I’m on the other side of it – my god I’m ready for lightness and happy-happy-joy-joy – but I don’t think I have much say in it, really. There’s some powerful decoding going on. Old programs and belief systems, clearing out things I don’t need or that don’t align. This kind of work is not quick and painless. And whilst I do feel like I am getting glimpses of the light, playful energy I love about LIFE I’m not out of the woods yet.

And that’s OK. It has to be. What else can it be, but OK?

Surrender taught me that lesson. It is OK because it just IS.

What is helping though is a little process I’m bringing back into play – one that I think you’ll love and resonate with.

I’m going to start the process of REVIEWING the last 6 months – January to May. Following that, as June rolls around I’m going to consciously CREATE the next 6 months of 2017. Shuffling and aligning my goals, dreams and focal points around how I actually feel, what I’ve discovered and where my heart wants to go.

P.s I have some realisations already coming through – and some of them include a BIG change in my work – but more on me another time. This is about YOU.

It’s time to review

So here’s how it goes. I ask myself a series of questions and journal out the answers. Usually with a lovely essential oil (current face is doTERRA Elevation – joyful blend!) diffusing, a few oracle cards laid out, some nice music in the background (and my toddler climbing all over me!)

1) What has happened over the last 6 months – and how has it affected me (the way I feel, how I’ve behaved, what I’ve done)?

2) What are the realisations? If any?

3) What have I struggled with, and why?

4) What have I learned, so far?

5) What could I have done differently? Where was I out of alignment?

6) What has really worked and brought me into alignment?

Really review your year with a fine-tooth comb and explore what felt heavy, light, aligned, contracted. Be ruthless and objective. Look at it ALL with clear eyes and non-attachment.

It’s time to create

Looking forward, with the last 6 months as a reference point, it’s time to ask yourself these questions.

1) What are my set-in-stone plans over the next 6 months? And how do I want to feel when I experience them? How do I see these plans playing out?

2) What are my current goals? What do I intend to experience, do, reach for?

3) What would feel REALLY GOOD? What would bring me into alignment with my values and make my feel congruent with life?

4) How should I proceed? What action do I take and when?

5) What’s MISSING in my life now that I absolutely must include over the next 6 months?

6) What would really LIGHT me up to see happen?


Take note of these questions my love if you’d like to review your year, so far. Or better still, please download and print this little journal guide I just whipped up.


This is your chance to reflect and create consciously. We don’t have to be passengers of our own lives. Even when we feel we are getting slapped down, over and over again (like me!) we can choose to LEARN, EVOLVE and WORK with what is unfolding.

And better still we can take those slaps and channel them into co-creation. Making every moment sacred, worthy and nurturing them into seedlings of change and transformation.

Love + light to you,

Claire xx

P.S I would be STOKED to hear back from you after you’ve done this exercise. Let me know what you’ve learned in reflection and what you are now ready to co-create?


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