*This post has been updated with an additional prize included*

I’m SO excited… I can hardly contain myself. I’ve got a gorgeous Valentine’s Day Prize Pack for you. Why? Because I love you and Valentine’s is all about the l.o.v.e!

So keep reading, all will be revealed soon enough. Seriously, this is well worth the wait!

But first, let’s talk about luuuurve. How to get more of it, for yourself… from yourself!

Yep, love. In all it’s spine-tingling, heart opening glory.

We all know about romantic love. The kind that can make your stomach roll and heart flutter. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, for some, this is might be the of love they are thinking about. Will they get it, can they keep it, do they want it?

Me? I’ve never been much of a V-day fan. In fact, I’m indifferent to it… I have no problem if others want to indulge in the day, expressing their love and forking out stupid amounts of money for flowers and gifts.

For me, the kind of love I share with my partner is one based in respect (for each other and ourselves) and it’s of the no-frills variety. I’ve come to realise it’s because LOVE, for me, is not something something you can buy or keep or own but something that you feel and experience. The questions really are:

1) where are you looking for love, within or without?

2) how full is your love cup?

When we feel full to the brim with love – and now I’m talking self-love – it might not matter what gifts you get on Valentine’s Day, who you spend it with or whether you have enough ‘romantic love’ in your life. You probably wouldn’t care so much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the company of my honey…I desire his attention, love and care. But let’s be totally straight up here… I love my company more. Or should I say, I need it more. There, I said it. Shocking? Not really, because the more I love myself, the more I love him and everyone else in my life. It’s such an old cliche, but it’s 100%, write-this-in-stone, fact!


So, how do we fill up our own LOVE cup? How do we have a cup that over-floweth with happy, bright-spark juiciness that makes us feel whole, complete, loved, content… worthy.

Here are a few of my own self-love tips that will leave your love cup full with extra reserves

1) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

There is a reason everyone bangs on about gratitude so much. Because, as soon as you GIVE love – share your heart, openly give thanks, move from compassion – you GET more love. A huge dollop of it. That’s the nature of us humans.

Tip: Each day start off by jotting down 5 things you were grateful for the day before and hold them in your heart. They perhaps see how you can express that gratitude to someone else. E.g. if a friend is always there shoot them a text to say you love them and are grateful for all that they do for you… just because you can.

2) Me, me, me.

It’s not selfish to ask for and carve out alone time. It’s healthy. If you never give yourself space to be alone, doing the things you love or simply just have space and quiet then try it. Be transparent with your family/friends/partner if needed and tell them you are going to be offline during a certain time. Put yourself first!

Tip: If you need to properly unwind after work tell your partner/flatmate etc that you are going to spend 1hr each evening when you come home in silence, maybe in your room. If you ask for their patience and respect, you’ll get it. You’ll also get a chance to connect in with yourself, and no one else.


3) Love, love, love.

Does it scare you how many times a day you think about all the things YOU don’t like about yourself? Your nose, your hair, your freckles… Or are you perpetually comparing yourself to others. Have you ever caught yourself scrutinizing and tearing yourself apart? It’s time to catch yourself in auto-play and stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts.

Tip: When those negative, soul-sapping thoughts come into play try to drop them, instantly, like you would a hot plate (if someone handed one to you!) and imagine, like said plate that all those thoughts smash into pieces. Next, think, say out loud or write down 5 things you LOVE about yourself. It might seem silly at first but we are trying to retrain your habitually negative thought-patterns

4) Do, do, do.

What do you LOVE to do. What makes you grin insanely from ear to ear? You’re thinking of it right now, aren’t you? Ok, so I ask you now, how OFTEN do you do that? Weekly? Monthly? Hardly ever? Hmm.. why, the heck not? Do what you love, more often. Doesn’t it seem silly that we spend so much of our time doing things we don’t love (e.g a job) just to keep on going through life, not loving our life?

Tip: Brainstorm – jot down everything you love to do and next to each one write down how often you’d like to do it. And then schedule it in your diary. Force yourself to get out there and be present, soak up the love.


5) Be, be, be.

Love-suckers – you know those people that don’t leave you feeling alive, but instead drain you and make you feel a little less worthy each time? Ditch them. Instead, be with those that make you feel alive, excited and unconditionally loved. Consciously surround yourself with people that live and breath love – for themselves and those around them. Tap into a collective energy of love by sharing your precious self with beautiful souls.

Tip: Connect with other like-minded people. Make friends with fellow yogis, attend workshops and seminars, create your own circle of amazing people.

There is a whole bounty of splendid ways to start filling up your love tank. Here are a few more to add to your loot:

  • Meditate daily
  • Laugh more – at yourself, with others and the world
  • Sing along loud and proud to music that makes your heart soar
  • Sleep in, drink tea and read in bed
  • Get a massage, regularly
  • Let go of the past and the future. How good is the present?
  • Nourish your body with the cleanest food + drink. Your mind will follow!
  • Forgive others – the world isn’t out to get you, sometimes people just make mistakes.
  • Move and breath in a way that makes you feel WHOLE.
  • Pay it forward – do something kind for someone else unannounced and uninvited
  • Say yes to yourself more and learn how to say no!
  • Journal – get it out of your head and onto paper. Sometimes when you re-read your own words you can see clearly what you want, need or perhaps, should let go of.

Now, you are armed up with some fantastic it’s time for me to pass on some LOVE to you. This is my way of saying THANK YOU for making my life so damn special. The Wellness Project brings me so much joy – each client and person I get to interact and share with literally fills up my love cup.

If you took the time to read through that and you didn’t jump ahead to the competition, well, me thinks you are definitely deserving of some (self) LOVE!

So, what’s up for grabs in this Valentine’s Day Bundle of Love prizes?

All of this:

1) A FILL YOUR  LOVE CUP COACHING SESSION  – Via skype with yours truly

Let’s have a love-packed 50 minutes where we workshop how you can bring more love into your life – includes a discount if you want to really crack open and feel love with regular sessions!

2) A YUMMY HAMPER from FMK Kitchen – delicious and healthy sweet treats that will bring you much joy. All made by hand and with love!

photo (1)

3) A ONE DAY CLEANSE from Urban Remedy – your body will love you for it

Give your digestive system a break and dose up with a big hit of nutrients.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.27.11 PM

4) A 5-CLASS PASS from YogaPass & A LOVEARTH YOGA MAT – to experience self love in body + breath

You can use YogaPass at hundreds of studios around Australia.


5) GOOD GREEN STUFF – a super green supplement from NuZest to help you feel alive and bouncy

Packed with a heap of green veggies, antioxidant fruits, essential minerals and vitamins.


6) A BODHA JAPANESE SILK + LAVENDER EYE PILLOW – to quieten your mind and shut the world out. Find your inner sanctuary. This eye pillow is made with organic wholewheat, organic cotton and kiwi Lavender. YUM

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 1.28.11 PM

It’s easy, all you have to do is:

  • Visit my facebook – hit LIKE if you haven’t already (there are lots of updates/posts/tips that I only share on fb
  • Head over to the facebook page  (find the post listing this competition) or comment below and share with us how you practice self-love or why you feel it’s important to start
  • Tag a friend in your comment – maybe someone in your life that might also need to practice a little self-love and who might benefit from connecting to The Wellness Project
  • Register for my e-newsletter – The winner will be announced on Friday 22nd via the newsletter

All steps must be completed to enter – but lucky for you they are easy. Simply LIKE, COMMENT, TAG + SIGN-UP!


Fingers and toes crossed for you. Don’t forget to share this post so more people can feel the LOVE!

Saha to you,

Claire x






  1. Great post, Claire, thank you for this. I don't think I practice enough (or much of any) self love and I think it is very important to start so that I can achieve my goal of feeling happy and settled in my life. One way I would like to practice self love is by using my alone time for effectively. Instead of constantly thinking, planning, scheduling, I want to learn to be able to sit and do nothing (without fidgeting) in a still and mindless space. I have never properly tried meditation before (I find Savasana hard enough!), and I think it would be a great way to begin a journey to falling in love with myself. Sharing this post with my friend Cazz via email xx.

  2. hi claire…..well here is my journey to self love…..during my childhood and up to my teens I had the love from my parents and siblings, as a family we were far from being demonstrative in sharing our love for each other but there was the security in knowing it existed…then came my teenage years and where (helped along by the hippy era ) was the experience of love of life, and adventure…..during my 30's and 40's I guess it was all about selfish love…. and then came the 50's and (gulp) a new chapter of the 60's is about to begin where I finally have begun to be able to learn how to love myself. there are many struggles ( chitti vriti…excuse spelling! in my head ) doubts and insecurities raise questions along the way but I am discovering who I really am with the great help of my yoga practice and meditation. as you get older it is so easy to feel alone in many ways so it's important to have the love of oneself to embrace the love of life and cherish what we so easily dismiss along our journey to discovery……i am going to share this post with my lovely friend di kirby…hari om xxx.

  3. Morning Lynda, Claire – thank you very much for sending me this website. As always fills me with awe as to things happening at just the right time as indeed are we in the right place to receive them. I have signed up for the newsletter and can see why you are such a devotee of your teacher and philosophy. With blessings and love di xox.

  4. Hi Claire, For a long time I was in a very unhappy, dark place. I grew up in a not so loving family and often kept myself guarded from friends and co-workers. I never really got to know me as I was just always so sad and had no-confidence. About 3 years back I almost pushed away the love of my life and soul mate and this was the biggest realisation to stop thinking that I would turn out like my parents and start creating the life I wanted to be surrounded by when the time came I was old and grey and looked back I knew I had given a lot of love, happiness and laughter out.

    I now everyday wake up with excitement, love and happiness through the realisation and preservation of accepting me as me and making sure I am not only helping people around me to feel loved and appreciated but making sure that the people who are in my life hold the same values and integrity. I now live my life through not expecting from others but how I can help and let people know they are loved, seen and appreciated. I do through not rushing through life and taking the time to always have manners and awareness on my words and approach to others.

    My partner says I am a very simple person as I am always enjoying the moments that people take for granted like a nice sunset, walking and stopping to smell the roses. I am honestly in such a happy place and so excited for the future as love really, really comes from loving oneself. I accept my flaws and am working on enhancing my strengthens so others too can come out of the shadows and stand on their own two feet. I have grown so much and it’s from recognising and appreciating the people who stuck through and also to the ones who haven’t judged my past or used it against me. I feel very blessed and it doesn’t matter what beginning you have or up bringing you have had you can always change your story and path which in turn leads to a positive, loving self and I am proof of that. I am not ashamed of my upbrining I just wished I had of got to where I am now a little earlier 🙂

    Tricia Preston is also in the process of self love having done such a fantastic journey of losing weight it's now time to bring back the inner glow which she has but make it so much stronger. Tricia is such a wise women and god Love her.

    Thanks for talking the time to read my journey to self-love and wishing you a happy and joyful valentines and a year ahead xoxo.

  5. For me I practice self love by taking the time to cook healthy, delicious, clean food AND starting my day with exercise – bike ride, yoga or gym. These things make me happy and focused.

  6. Hi Claire,
    thank you for your Wellness Project. I like reading the new messages from you.
    My formative life from 11 years old was based around the Olympic motto, the hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger". I loved Little Athletics and was good at it. I watched the reigning World Champion and red-hot favourite for the Womens 200 M, Raelene Boyle at the 1976 Montreal Olympics in get disqualified from the 200 metre-race for making two false starts, but that didn't dispel me, on the contry it motivated me allong with Charriots of Fire and over the next 20 years I strived for excellence in every Sporting, Educational, Commercial and Service opportunity.

    While daily living my life = pushing myself under Faster, Higher, Stronger mantra, in 2004, I eventually became very sick with a Multi Systemic Neuro Endocrine Immune Illness and later learned the hard way this mantra of Faster, Higher, Stronger is in-fact unsustainable.

    The nexus in better practicing self-love came as I was losing my Career as an Senior Avionics Engineer due to Multi Systemic Neuro Endocrine Immune Illness when a friend and boss Malcolm McKenzie said in a very compassionate way "Millsy, you have to stop looking after others first all the time and you have to start looking after yourself well enough to be able to sustainably have the energy to look after your core responsibilities like family and then work." This statement echoed with what my Grade 3 Teacher and Vietnam Return Serviceman Mr Rob Huggins had told me, "You have to learn to love yourself first before you can love someone else properly". What Rob had said had been in my mind all those 28 years but because I didn't achieve my dreams and aspirations of being the best or even Olympic representation I disciplined and pushed myself all the harder.

    The essence of what Robert and Malcolm said is absolutely true. You have to find ways to love yourself irrespective of your successes and failures and from that love you have to look after yourself first before you can be a benefit to others. For another essential part of practicing self-love came when after 5 years of being very ill I realised I had a lot to be thankful about. Professor Mary Schweitzer gave her testimony to the USA's National Institute of Health on Womens Health and Myalgic Encephomialitus – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epidemic Neuromyasthenia).

    While listening to Mary I realised I had a lot to be thankful for. I didn't get sick when I was a 15 year old, I was able to finish school, I went to Uni', I fell in love, we got married, we have kids, I had a wonderfully enjoyable complex and dynamic career before I got sick. I didn't die. I can still do small amounts of involvement with my children. I am married to the most supportive and wonderful wife who assists even if she or I don't know why I am sick or what my physical and cognitive output will be from day to day.
    I'm not claiming that I have mastered the art of practicing self-love, far from it. I still feel like I have my large Learner plates on. Meditation first thing upon waking and being still enough to hear what's going on in my inner emotional brain helps me find my way in this world that seems blind to my sight. Through listening to my inner emotional consciousness and practicing self-love I am better able to cope with what each new day brings.

  7. Hi Claire, what a great article! Self love is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and I've put some plans in place. For me this is the kind of thing you have to focus on forever, lest the little voices in the background take over again 😉 So I have been: eating nourishing food, and eating it mindfully. Lots of chewing. Turning off the TV – the remote goes to work on Monday morning and home on Friday eve. Moving more – I sometimes get stuck in a rut and convince myself I'm too tired/it's too late/it's too wet/whatever but I've joined a pool and gym, and started writing a weekly plan so I get out into nature, move, and have backup plans to combat all the excuses I could think of! Getting enough sleep – this is one I'm bad at being good at! I often stay up too late and haven't been sleeping well, so more time in bed and getting rested has really been helping me feel happier. Friends and family – connection is so important to me, so I have focussed on making time to connect with friends and family, and really spend time with people who support and nurture me (and hopefully I them!). Meditation – I've started the 21 day challenge from Deepak Chopra, and have been virtually meditating 'with' a friend who's overseas.
    Please pick me for the prize, I am sure it will help on my self-love journey!
    Celina Jensen I mean you when I talk about meditating! Thought you might be interested in this site as well! xx

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