I’m always, ALWAYS, up for trying new things that are going to bring more wellness into my life. I go through phases where I’m content to stick with whatever I’ve got going on, but right now I’m in a trial phase – you might have noticed this from my post on EFT Tapping and I’ll be blogging soon on my new MoveBetterRoller. Check out the EFT VLOG HERE if you missed it, it’s one I know you’ll love.

I’m in a phase where NEW stuff is calling out to me… look at me, look at me!

Let me explain. It’s not that I’m looking for anything new and different, it just COMES to me. The other week I was with a client who had just done Anthony Robbin’s 4-day workshop. She particularly liked the day on health and wellness where Anthony flagged REBOUNDING as a must-do health practice.

Honestly, rebounding was one of those things I’d loosely heard about over the years but had filed it away in my “not-right-now” brain. This happens to me alot. I actually see it as divine guidance. Something in me chooses to pay attention or to disregard and then one day, BAM! I’m hit with an influx of information around whatever it was I filed and I’m certain, in that moment, I have to respond.

This is how I came to study Yoga, Health Coaching and bSchool… They just present themselves. It’s nice. Comforting almost.

Well, that very day after meeting with my client – I read about or someone mentioned rebounding THREE separate times. Holy Batman, you can be sure I paid attention then! Years ago Sarah Wilson mentioned in one of her posts that when she hears/sees/learns of something three times she sits up and pays attention. I do the same thing. I used to ignore it, but now, I sit up straight and tall… intrigued, willing, able.

Not one to mess about, instantly I bought a rebounder online and it arrived the other day! Let me just say this WOOOOOHOOOO!

rebounderRidiculously fun stuff.

My inner child has unleashed. A mini-trampoline to bounce on. Umm… why wasn’t I doing this years ago?I started doing some research and found out all the cool-kids are doing it. Seriously, it looks a little like an 80s flashback – bouncing on a trampoline in tights – but it’s fun, fun, fun!

Now, beside the fact this is just pure fun (which releases endorphins – our feel good hormones) this actually has a loooooong list of health benefits. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it! Hey, you know me, I’m all about efficiency, so I’m just going to give you the top 5.

5 Reasons to get your BOUNCE on

1) Stimulates the Lymphatic System – increases the amount of waste and toxins the body can flush out which means greater ability for the immune system to fight and prevent major and minor illness and disease (and cellulite!)

Interesting fact: 2/3 of your white blood cells (the ones that eat bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and other baddies) are found in your lymphatic fluid!

2) Rebounding circulates more oxygen to the tissues and cells – more oxygen means more life and health to your body and less disease

Interesting fact: Rebounding alternates between weightlessness and double gravity which basically creates a pump-like action that DETOXES and pulls waste out of cells whilst injecting oxygen and nutrition into the blood.

3) Low-impact cardio exercise to lose weight and increase muscle tone – a stronger effect than running or jogging.

Interesting fact: Many cardio forms of exercise such as running/jogging cause alot of stress of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, back. Which is why I don’t do them – too much impact for me. But rebounding decreases this stress by 95% whilst providing a more thorough cardio work-out.

4) Fights fatigue and manages stress – strengthens the glandular system to increase the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glans

Interesting fact: Rebounding increases endorphin output, which in turn encourages your rest + restore or parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and stabilise

5) Improves digestion and elimination by increasing metabolism

Interesting fact: This type of movement can relieve constipation and promote regular and more efficient bowel movements.

BONUS reasons (in case they weren’t enough!)

  • Increases the performance of the heart and circulatory system – which means slowing down the ageing process!
  • Energetically helps to shift stuck energy, energise the mind and encourage relaxation
  • Strengthens and protects the joints whilst strengthening the musculo-skeletal system (If you’ve had an injury and can’t run/jog anymore, this is perfect for you!)
  • Improves resting metabolic rate – this basically means that you keep burning after you’ve finished exercising!
  • Encourages better sleep – almost all exercise will help you rest better
  • Helps relieve menstrual pain
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime – not weather dependent!

How to bounce:

Mostly, I just jump… I’m enjoying it as a way to shake off my day, or break up a long working day! Music. Bouncing = clear head and a rush of those feel-good endorphins!

Here are a few (more serious) suggestions.

  • Light Jogging on the spot
  • Knee lifts – bring your knees up to your chest and alternate to the opposite elbow
  • High Jumps – heels to bum!
  • Side and Front Kicks
  • Arm lifts – synchronized with your jumping/kicking movements (if you want to get fancy, some people use weights here)

Now, I want to hear from YOU.

Have you ever heard of rebounding? Have you tried it? What do you think! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Get sharing below in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Love + light (and lots of bounce) to you.




  1. I've been thinking a lot about my childhood lately, reflecting on what got me in my element- no wonder I was always so full of beans- Instead of doing my homework I'd be on my trampoline till 10pm! I'm glad that science has now proven that it wasn't time wasted!!

  2. I am in LOVE with my rebounder. I put on some awesome music and bounce away for 10mins in the morning after I finish my yoga practice. It puts me in a good mood and it taps into an old childhood love of trampolines. I always begged my Mum for one but had to make do with playing on friends, now I have one of my own haha 🙂

  3. Hi. I found this interesting as I do something similar.

    I don’t have a trampoline, but my exercise are as follows

    Bouncing up and now on my toes but not leaving the ground.

    Vigorously shaking the whole body.

    Lots of stretching and holding.

    Controlled punching into where I have stretched.

    It looks wierd at times to an observer lol, but over 2 years of doing a routine from 10 mins to nearly an hour if I feel I need it, it has kept me loose and fit. I am 46 and feel really good.

  4. I am nearing 70 and have rebounded for 20 plus years. The better quality (brand Needak Rebounder), rebounder have more give and more bounce for your buck. This computes to less strain on joints etc. Bouncek on for better everything. Especially balance and you bladder control girls.

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