Many of you might have noticed that each week on Thursday I publish a ‘thought’ onto facebook. These thoughts just happen to be random musings that are in my heart and mind that week. Sometimes they are triggered by conversations, they jump into my head or something happens that almost ‘forces’ me to think in that way.

Today I’m building on last week’s Thursday Thought because it seems to be a recurring theme for me. Recently the beautiful Kendall Goddard (a yoga teacher at Yoga Village) discussed the concept of Opening to Grace. Which directly resonates with where I am at and where many of my clients have found themselves.

Opening to Grace. Letting go. Surrender. Accepting. Embracing. Allowing. Whatever will be, will be.

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Why do we want to Open to Grace? Because that’s where the juiciness of life is! Sometimes when I throw the towel in that’s when I discover a bubbling cauldron of golden ideas, heart-felt connections and a RICH, overflowing life.

You are open to your divine nature and you get to abide in it!

For me, Opening to Grace is first about understanding how we are always TRYING. In our culture the act of perseverance is almost revered. If you are hard worker, a ‘trooper’ who never gives up then you are heralded almost as a better human being than the rest.

Now, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with discipline. By all means, it’s the building blocks of my DNA. I don’t know how to not be disciplined. Truly, people ask me how I am so focused but I don’t know the answer. I just am.  However, What I am not  is fluid, relaxed, spontaneous. I am better at it these days, after almost a decade of self-love, self-exploration and self-transformation. It will always remain my main personal challenge though.

So, we have perseverance, dedication and discipline as hero traits in our modern day personalities. What I was exploring last week in my Thursday Thought (head over to my facebook page HERE for my weekly thought and more!) is the need for and beauty in stepping back to create space for the good stuff to happen.

Let me flesh it out a little more for you…

Think about a time when your mind (and fingers) are in too many pots. You are doing too many things and trying within all of them to achieve something. What happens? They fall apart. You make mistakes. You miss something. You have to start again.


When you are looking for something – searching and hunting only to get more and more blinded by your desire for what you are seeking out. What happens? You seems to get further and further away from finding it!


You are trying to come up with an idea. You aren’t being soft with the process because you feel you NEED an amazing idea. You WANT it so bad that you are trying too hard. What happens? There isn’t a creative spark in you – you are bone dry for ideas and you are left empty handed and heavy-hearted.

We literally block ourselves in our attempts. We force, we push, we try to hard but we are doing all of this in such a jarring, jagged-edge way.

Does this ring a bell. Sound familiar? It doesn’t sound as if we are open to anything, let alone Grace, in these moments. Oh lordy, it does not!

But how can we reach that grace? How can we be OPEN to whatever it is, however it is. How can we allow that FLOW to happen. Have you ever spoken to a singer, an artist, an athlete, a yogi and heard them describe their ‘flow’. It’s like divine intervention. Something is running through them – something is FEEDING them without much effort. And by effort I mean brow-furrowing, jaw-clenching intensity. Hard work – yes. Focus – yes. But not hardness. Or jagged edges. Water in a river is working hard, but it flows.

The solution to finding and opening to grace is much simpler than it sounds. However, it’s not something we’ve been trained to do. So you’ll need to do some inner coaxing to get there and to create a new habit.



1. In the moments where you feel stuck. Where you feel as if you are hitting your head onto a brick wall and moving no where fast, this is the moment of EMBRACE.

A big BEAR hug around the idea of Letting Go of the need to do, to solve, to process, to tackle, to focus, to fix. Just let yourself be OK with the idea first before you do anything else. You can sit with that and just feel what comes up for you. Don’t change a thing, just watch and adjust

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2. Take a DEEP breath. Now, step back and give it some space. Instead of seeing your ‘step back’ as procrastination or lack of motivation and dedication see it (as my celebrant recently said) as an incubation period. Whatever it is that your focus is on knows what to do. It’s probably been in motion alot longer than you have been conscious of it. So let it grow and incubate and evolve without you pestering at it.

3. You can’t step back properly unless you step into something else. Go do something different. Walk. Hit the yoga mat. Pump up the music loudly and dance like it’s nobody’s business, side-line the project for a day/week. Whatever you need to do, DO it. Or do something else, even if it aren’t sure it’s the right thing to do. Anything else is better than being stuck where you are.

The Result?
Randomly right when your head is somewhere else you get a bright-spark of an idea, the task flows naturally or you find what you’ve been looking for.

We all want a little flow, more grace, ease.

I’m in the process of writing my very first eBook on the most transformative learnings for myself (and many) to date – Surrender. You might not know it yet, but Surrender is a recurring theme in our lives for a reason. It is the hardest but most valuable lesson to learn. Trust me… I’m deep within this process and I am continuously blown away by the return in chipping away at this challenge. In opening up to it and allowing surrender and I to become friends. Sometimes we are enemies, other times acquaintances, but slowly and more often we are becoming buddies.

Maybe it’s time for you to reassess your relationship with surrender and letting go and invite GRACE in. Invite the flow, the creativity, the effortless doing into your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on surrender, letting go and opening to grace. Do you have a personal experience you could share of a time when this theme came up for you? This is such a rich topic, I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

love + light,


Images kindly borrowed from here, here and here!



  1. This is a wonderful post Claire. As a mother of three little ones, surrender is something I am familiar with…if for nothing else, to be present with them and not miss their childhood wishing I was there, when I am here x

  2. Oh my, this post is exactly what I needed to read. Surrender and I have gotten to know each other alot this year, surrendering to the feelings of not being enough, looking in the wrong places for acceptance, belonging etc and coming out the other side so much better for it. I'm sure we will meet again real soon 🙂

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