Before I was a yoga teacher and health coach and even before I worked in beauty PR, I worked in fashion. That feels like such a long time ago, but my wardrobe is evidence of an era gone by. Although heavily reduced down I still have many relics from my more creative, vintage days. I used to trawl markets for quirky, one off vintage pieces and enjoyed reliving different decades aesthetically.
I had more belts, bags, shoes and accessories than a girl needs. Over the years I’ve culled it down. As I evolved as a person – my interests slowly steering towards yoga, nutrition and wellness – so did my style.
I want less, but need more out of what I choose to buy. It needs to multi-task or suit my lifestyle or it needs to represent something greater than just me and my desire to own stuff. Yes. It has to look good as well. But not in the way it used to.

Which brings me to three young women, Krystal, Bec and Kristin. They own and run a website called You, the Earth & Me.
You, the Earth & Me is an online store selling eco-friendly products for the earth conscious. But mostly, it’s about creating a level of awareness about what we are purchasing, and what is involved in the creation of the product.


As it does, Facebook connected me and Krystal who reached out to share You, the Earth & Me. When Krystal reached out to offer a reader giveaway I mentioned to her that I’d take a look but hadn’t really done anything like this (review a brand/product) on my blog before… but after browsing the site and talking to the girls I decided I’d like to share this.
Why? Well… although that old fashionista in me has evolved into a different person, you can never really erase every element of who you are or once were! It will always be something I love – fashion, art. I live and breath in a consumerist world and whether I like it or not I too am a consumer. I buy things that make me happy, I buy things because I need them, I buy things because I can. I’m ok with that.
What I can do though is become more aware and make different choices. Krystal says that at You, the Earth & Me, they are trying to “create a degree of curiosity in our customers and for them to then take that awareness into everything they do”.
Christin followed this by indicating that when we purchase “products that are Eco, Ethical, Sustainable and Fairtrade it is sending a message that the days of thoughtless consumerism are becoming a thing of the past. By buying ethical the whole world benefits”.
True, right? If we aren’t going to change WHAT we do, we can at least change HOW….
Let me introduce the girls to you properly….
Krystal is a journalist and yoga teacher and is studying nutrition.
Bec is also a yoga teacher and a businesswoman with a passion for green living.
Christin is, in her own words, the “least reliable business partner – I’m a bit of a flight risk!” She loves visiting remote communities, meeting the local people and learning about their culture.
Pretty cool ladies me thinks. And even cooler for taking the step to create something with depth and meaning. The products available from You, the Earth & Me range from Yoga Lifestyle, Homewares and Accessories. The products are sourced from all over the globe, however there is a preference and focus on local where possible.
The necklace up for grabs from You, the Earth & Me, is made from natural hand dyed Acai beads from a fair trade organisation in Peru. They were then strung by hand by these three special ladies with lots of meta (love) and feature a silver tassel.
The girls spend a lot of time sourcing products and look for the following criteria before deciding on a product – Fairtrade, Organic, Handmade, Sustainable, Renewable, Recycled and made in Australia. If the item does not have at least one of these components then they will not stock it!
When I asked the girls to explain what eco-friendly meant to them this is what they had to say:

“It often means paying that little bit extra or working a littler harder to find a product, Treating the earth with more awareness and gratitude.”
“Caring about the impact you as an individual have on the planet, and trying to reduce this footprint as much as possible.”
“Taking ownership for your own actions and choices. If you want the world to be a better place, then there is no better place to start than with yourself.”

For me? It’s about accepting that we need to reduce how much stuff we have in our lives – I am constantly trying to buy and use less – but that when we want or need things (hopefully not too often!) there are more sustainable, friendly options available that can make a positive impact on our environment. 
I decided to buy two little bags from the site from a brand called earth, baby rock. Produced locally on the sunshine coast and screen-printed with eco-friendly ink onto hessian fit the bill. They’ve become my new everything bag! Love the simplicity and deconstructed styling.
I asked Krystal to outline a few tips when hunting for eco-friendly products.
“Check the labels on items. If you do not know what any of the ingredients are, then they are most likely not eco-friendly. Also check the packaging as often the product itself is eco but the packaging is not. There are a variety of different plastics out there now that are safe and non-toxic and made from things such as cornstarch, which are great. 
Also, there is a difference between something claiming to be organic and actually being certified organic. Sometimes it’s a matter of checking the company’s website or asking a few questions”.
Now, dear readers, if you are keen on eco-friendly products and are keen on this necklace all you need to do is like my facebook page – .
Once you are there say hi and share your thoughts on ‘eco-friendly’ – what does it mean to you? 
I’ll announce the winners via my mailing list so please subscribe if you haven’t already (see mailChimp tab on the left of the facebook page) 
If not for me, do it to support three girls that are trying to do something a little differently, and with heart. 
Thanks for reading!

Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live


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