Why it’s time to try a little kindness

Why it’s time to try a little kindness
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Try a little kindness to make a real difference in your world.

When I was pregnant the small gestures of kindness directed my way never went unnoticed. In fact, I was so incredibly grateful for those moments.

  • Cars slowing down, finding the patience, to let a waddling mama-to-be cross the road.
  • People giving up their seats for me on the bus, at a cafe, wherever.
  • Strangers coming up to congratulate me and wish me, hubby and bub well.

And today, with my baby always in tow I experience much the same… it shouldn’t surprise me, but for some reason it does.

I’ve been pondering why it is that these little kindnesses really catch my attention and leave me with surprise (and so much gratitude) in my heart and mind.

And I’ve come to realise a few truths, that are quite ugly.

  • We live in a world that is so ‘heady‘. Everyone is so busy thinking of themselves, their own problems and concerns (and no judgment) that we can often move through our day blind to other around us.
  • We frequently forget to give, lovingly. To serve, without expecting anything in return. People are fighting wars all over the world because of ‘their beliefs’… and causing chaos and so much pain in the name of their desires.
  • Everyday I witness at least one road rage incident – someone exploding and spewing forth expletives to a total stranger for some nonsensical reason.
  • Everyday I witness a little bit of racism, judgment, prejudice, abuse.
  • If you look closely, there are countless moments of injustice, rudeness, hurt and anger.

It all looks so bleak, doesn’t it? We can’t lie and pretend that this world we live in has a very shadowy, dark side. And that within every human being lives the same.

But stay with me here, because there is another truth I need to highlight and share. I’m not trying to ‘preach’ anything you don’t know, I’m not trying to tell you what to do or think, but simply remind you, in a way that might inspire small change.

This other truth is that this world, and every human within it also has a BRIGHT, LIGHT and LOVE-FILLED side. In fact, when allowed, this part can be bigger, bolder and stronger.

Each and every time someone opens a door for me, smiles at my baby, gives up their seat or stops their busy day to let us pass by I am reminded that we all have that light within us. And when inspired to, we all can and do tap into to. Share it. Spreading that love.

It takes but a moment to choose that light over the dark. A split second decision to do a little good.

Try a little kindnesses. It may seem so incredibly irrelevant and minuscule to you on a global scale. This big badass world has some serious stuff going on.

But what if you chose the LIGHT more often than not?

What if you chose to be kind, one day at a time. And that kindness then inspired 5 other people to do the same. And so on, and so forth?

What if you chose to try a little kindness each day, and beautifully it makes a small impact daily, but ultimately a HUGE one when done day after day, after day! The accumulative effect is bigger than you could every imagine.

Can you see that the light you share, the love and kindness you deliver has this incredibly ripple effect? Influencing and inspiring others, to the point that it becomes an infection… finding its way into the hearts and minds of millions of others.

If you KNEW that these little acts of kindness had this immeasurable ripple effect, would you make a conscious effort to do so, every day?

Well, that’s what I want to remind you of today… When you try a little kindness, that’s exactly what happens.

Every time you give, without expectation. YOU make a huge difference.

Serve with love

Smile at a stranger

Take a deep breath and let someone cut ahead in the queue

Slow down for that waddling pregnant lady

Help that elderly woman at the bus top

Buy someone a coffee


You won’t ever really see the difference you are making, well not immediately. You might not witness the effects your kindness had, but it is happening. Trust and faith is required that the ripple effect you are creating is happening – that is the real KEY.

Maybe that’s called blind faith. But isn’t that better that spreading that dark, shady, fear-driven energy.?And let me also remind you here that you might not SEE the effect you are making, but you will feel it.

Karmically, the good you put out will boomerang its way back to you. Maybe that day, or in a month… or even years later. But it flows and shifts, and moves and eventually magnetises its way back into your heart. Thats a universal law, an unseen one, but a true one.


So let me leave you today with this inspiration to try a little kindness.

Actively, consciously and faithfully live your days from the light. Be driven by love and spread the kindness that is innately woven into your being.

Love + light,



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