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It’s a funny question, isn’t? Where do you FIND happiness? It’s almost as if you could pop over to Westfield and drop into the Happiness Store to top-up your happiness.

But I think that’s how, sometimes, we see it. We must DO something to get happiness. LOOK somewhere else to FIND it. Buy something, or think, look and behave in a certain way to get happiness.

Let’s be honest – work is a huge part of our lives. We are dedicated to it, we commit to rising each day and being there for 40 hours a week. We interact with our work colleagues (or if you work alone, with yourself!) for the best part of your day. We enjoy our family and friends less than we’d like because we work. So how can we not look to our work and careers for happiness?

I’m not about to tell you to quit your day job to seek our greener pastures and happier times. (Although if your heart wants you to I will definitely say GO ON! Go get it, find your passion and LIVE IT. SING IT. BREATH IT!) I’m bringing this up because I have many clients who have changed their lives with the realisation that work was detracting from their happiness. BUT I also have many clients who has said that changing their career is not an option but they want to find happiness, regardless. Power to them.

So, this brings me back to the original question.

Where do you FIND happiness?

The answer (in my humble opinion) is within.

I was inspired to write this post after realising that my morning routine of late, which is relatively simple, has actually cultivated a deep yet contented happiness within me. Tomorrow in my 5 on Friday VLOG I talk you through my routine. But in a nutshell it involves ayurvedic and spiritual practices, yoga and meditation.

Super simple. Very humble…  happy.

Why? Because I’ve carved out some ME time. I’ve started the day with gratitude in my heart and I’ve moved my body and settled my mind. I’ve gone within. Even just for a moment or two.

Other ways I cultivate happiness: A clean home. A walk in the sunshine. A swim in the ocean. A chat on the phone to a friend. Reading a book. Cuddles with my fiance. Lunch at my parents. Trying a new healthy cafe. Waking to the sunrise. Playing with my nieces and nephews…


You get it, right? Simple. Real. Honest. It hardly costs anything but space and time.

So if you are on a quest to feel happy, try this. First, let go of the IDEA of what it looks like. Let go of the expectations around what happiness should be. Then begin to embrace the smaller examples of happiness. Little day-to-day changes. Over time you’ll find that space allows you the opportunity to tap into BIGGER ways of feeling happiness.

Maybe you discover a new interest, or something buried comes back up for you that’s important. Perhaps the seed of an idea like exploring a new career, or following a passion is planted. And maybe, just maybe, when you are enjoying these little moments of happiness that somewhere in there you notice the fear that often holds us back, you FEEL it (acknowledge it) but you decide to do what your heart desires – to respond to those interests, passions, ideas that crop up.

You feel the fear and do it anyway!

So much can come out of nurturing and loving yourself through gentle acts of happiness. It’s not just mundane and silly to enjoy a good book and to be sacred about your time. It’s bigger than that. It’s creating an electrified connection to you! It’s not about perfection, oh lordy,it’s not! But it’s about looking past the imperfections, blurring them out just a little so you can focus on the good and invite more of it to you.

You have a choice. Leading a happy life is based on your decisions to embrace the positive, to see the good, to focus on the silver lining. Go, on then. Find your happiness within. It’s already there, I promise.

Tell me, what do you do already to cultivate happiness and tap into your heart?

Saha to you,



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