What is your brand of balance?

What is your brand of balance?
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Balance. The ever-elusive, highly regarded anti-dote to our stressful, chaotic lives.

Have you found it? Do you know what works for you? Or are you still searching, high-and-low, trying other people’s balance on for size (to no avail!)?

If each of us is unique and like no other – the way we look, what works for our bodies, our heritage, our way of thinking and feeling – then it’s safe to say that how we ‘do it’ (life and everything in it) must be different too. The problem? We are all too busy trying to find the answers for our health, happiness and of course ‘balance’ in the external world and in what others are doing that we don’t stop long enough to ask ‘Is this right for me?’

Find your own brand of balance

Today’s vlog is a reflection, a musing on ‘balance’. I think almost every single client I’ve ever coached has specifically wanted to work on cultivating and maintaining balance in their life. So, I wanted to open up a discussion around balance and really get you to drill down into it and ask yourself – what is balance to me and how do I ensure it’s aligned with who I am? What works naturally for me, instead of trying on someone else’s formula?

In the vlog I share:

  • what balance looks to me – how I keep myself in check and how I live in a way that is most supportive for me
  • why it’s so important to cultivate your own unique brand of balance
  • how to find balance for yourself


Your turn: *Finish this sentence: My brand of balance is _____________*

Comment below and share what balance looks like to you!

love + light,

Claire x


One Comment to “What is your brand of balance?”

  1. Great video – the notion of “balance” keeps popping up for me recently. I can definitely relate to feelings of failure at achieving balance, i.e. when my day doesn’t contain the perfect ratio of productivity, exercise and relaxation/contemplation. As you mentioned in your video, everyone’s brand of balance is different, and it also made me realise that my brand of balance can change from time to time. Sometimes I go through periods of making exercise and health my main priority, and other times I have periods of intense inner reflection and contemplation. I guess the key is to listen to yourself, and ask yourself what you really need – rather than striving for an ideal of what balance “should” look like. Thanks again Claire 🙂

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