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I’m always so proud of the success my clients achieve. I feel like a proud mamma.

These incredible people come to me ready, willing and able. Meaning, they are open to change and ready for a better life. Often they come wanting to tackle their diet and physical health – and we definitely do that – but we also end up tackling SO MUCH more. No stone is left unturned. It’s from this ‘SO MUCH MORE’ space that I want to share with you.

A little light-bulb went off in my head when I was thinking through some of the amazing achievements my gorgeous clients have experienced. Of course! I am always so inspired by other people’s success, even if they are small baby steps. Which means my readers would love to discover their success too.

Moving forward, growth, change – it can be messy and challenging, but I witness the rewards ever single time a client decides to get messy. So, it’s time to show you the many forms of success, how much MORE there is to devour in life… and hopefully this will inspire you to grab your life with both hands and OWN IT!

With great pride I’d like to introduce you to Brooke Rudzis.


What I LOVE about being a health coach are the surprises. I know, just like I know that my name is Claire, that Health + Wellness is only partially about food. I KNOW that real happiness and health comes from passion, purpose, balance, love… and of course good food and movement.

Brooke is the perfect example of that which I know. Brooke signed up for my Three Thrilling Months coaching package. She came to me initially looking for guidance on getting more energy. She was tired and lethargic. Brooke was after a healthy eating regime that would give her “that extra up and go each day”.

What did she discover. In her words:

Trying new things isn’t always difficult!! Taking the first step is the hardest – then it just becomes part of life.  From simple things such as doubting I would have time in the morning to cook eggs for breakfast right through to discovering I wanted to find an outlet to express my creativity. Once I took the initial step and trialed it, it is now just part of the routine.  It is amazing how much you can do when you love it.

I will never isolate health and wellness again.  It is so easy to separate eating and exercise from mental wellbeing, relationships and your spiritual side but they are all one and the same and inextricably linked. Balance in one sector will lead to balance in others.

Brooke experienced some ‘expected’ changes. She now understands her food and how she views ‘indulgence’. She sticks to foods she enjoys and that make her feel good and avoids the rest. Perfect!

Some unexpected changes for Brooke came in the form of identifying ‘Brooke-time’. The opportunity to invest time in doing things that fulfil her own goals and desires. And you know what I find so awesome about Brooke’s journey, is that it continued (as they usually do) after we finished working together. We spoke ALOT about her creative side that needed nurturing and her love of interior design. As a result Brooke enrolled in a Diploma of Interior Design and she is now learning how to get skilled on her love of decorating and design. Her blog, Chooks Pen, is also an example of her ongoing transformation. Here she shares her passion for interior decorating.

Wait, it gets better. Brooke set herself a fitness goal and completed Tough Mudder (Check it out HERE) which included 10 weeks of training to complete a 20km obstacle course in mud. That’s one Tough Mudder.


Life is going really well.  I am feeling fit and healthy physically. My course and blog are giving me the necessary creative outlet I needed thus making me feel more rounded as a person.  As a result I am happier and doing well in my current job!

How’s that for success! In so many different ways Brooke found her wellness. When I asked Brooke to just write from her heart and share her story this is what she said:

I am really grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with Claire.  Her support and guidance was invaluable.  She allowed me to explore things she presented and find a way they would work for me and my life.

I recognize there will always be times we slip off the rails and need to realign, however I now have the tools to recognise when this happens and make the positive changes required.

I’m really excited to see where my new adventures take me and to continue to set new goals to keep my mind and body active and healthy.

So much love for Brooke. She was always open to new ideas even if they seemed bizarre to her. She gave it her all and in such a short time made some BIG, lasting changes.

What do you think of Brooke’s journey? More energy, clean diet, strong body, finding passion and purpose, trying new things. I think she’s the BUSINESS, but maybe I’m just biased.

Stay tuned for more success stories coming your way.

love + light to you,

Claire x

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