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In the interest of education I am going to totally expose myself and the ‘weird’ things I do (the words of my partner. To me, they are not so much weird anymore, (and to many of you it probably isn’t either) but a necessity.
Some of these I do regularly, others happen sporadically, but each one contributes to my health and wellness in a considerable way.
Jala Neti – Nasal Irrigation
A much-loved yogic technique that I learnt during my yoga teacher training. It took a bit of getting used to but once I mastered the technique I soon reaped the benefits. Use a little pot filled with saline (salted) water you flush out the naval cavities which has a profound effect on  sinus infections, allergies, headaches and even stress. Better still, I find that the process of neti helps to calm my nervous system and move alot of blocked energy. 


Tongue Cleaner
Many of my clients would know that I recommend this and have often gifted a tongue cleaner to them. I first discovered this during my studies and have never looked back since. It doesn’t cost much but this little tongue cleaner is very effective at removing plaque and build-up from the surfact of the tongue. It helps fight cavities, bad breath and bacteria. Especially good for those that consume alot of dairy!
Kirtan (Chanting)
A call and response devotional chanting method. Another form of yogic practice that uses sacred mantras/chants to achieve a meditative, enlivened or devotional state. I first experienced Kirtan at an Ashram called Satyananda in Mangrove Mountain. Those that have been with me at Kirtan know that it literally makes me smile from ear to ear. It makes me feel, well, joy. Through and through. There is no other way to describe it. The sounds created by the drums, harmonium, traditional tablas and mrdranga, as well as the united sound of a collective voices has me buzzing. It makes me feel free, happy, content, ecstatic, still, quiet, grateful.

Lagoo (Stomach flush) 
A yogic cleansing technique that is basically like a colonic in reverse. By drinking lukewarm saline (salted) water and practising a series of exercises you can really aid your digestion and clear the intestinal tract with this flush. I let this previous blog post explain the rest
Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
Prana means life force and ayama or yama means control and extension.  I wrote a blog, previously, on five pranayama techniques. Every morning after yoga I practice Nadi Shodana a channel cleansing breath. Within our body, on an energetic level, we have Nadis – these are energy channels that correspond with our own veins/arteries on the physical levels. Nadis carry the prana (life-force) or breath throughout the subtle/energetic body. This pranayama technique works to cleanse two of the main Nadi’s – the Ida (feminine, moon, cool energy) and Pingala (masculine, sun, hot energy) which exit the body at the left and right nostril respectively.
So there you have it… the weird (or not so weird) things I do that keep me feeling whole, sane, balanced… well. Ultimately, that is always my goal.
Do you do anything ‘weird’ for your wellness?
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live


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