My feet have finally touched down post-wedding and I’m feeling grounded after the most magical and love-filled weekend that was our wedding.

I’ve never, EVER, felt so much love in one space. It’s hard to deny ‘energy’ when you can literally touch and feel it – buzzy, electric, warm.

I have so much gratitude in my heart that this post is as much about voicing and offering up that thanks as it is to share our wedding dress shopping experience with you.

But, mostly, these Gratitude Diary posts are here to inspire you to FILL your life with gratitude. Start putting your attention and focus on that which you are thankful for and watch how your life (your mindset, your attitude, your experiences) changes and blossoms into something quite special.

1) Christopher

How could I not offer up thanks to the universe for delivering me such a beautiful man. He is my best friend who shared my vision to create a ceremony that was all about LOVE. Not just for us but to invite our family and friends to revel in it. The one thing that matters most. LOVE.


2) The Ceremony

Holy batman. As I mentioned, we had a vision of what we wanted our ceremony to be… well, it was all that and so much more. The weather had been miserable the day before and on our wedding day, it was cloudy with pockets of sunshine. As I stepped onto the grass aisle with my father the clouds literally parted and the sun torched down on us. Magic.

Not only that, the ceremony was RICH and multi-layered. We had our rings blessed by all our guest. There were so many happy tears, including our own, we had my nieces and nephews calling out ‘Princess’ to me the whole way through and there was lots and lots of laughter. It embodied LIGHT and LOVE.


3) The Speeches

From my father, my brother and Christopher’s dad, to our bridesmaid and bestman and then to us. It wasn’t forced or awkward it was like a relaxed conversation


4) The Band

We only hired them 8 weeks, we’d hardly heard any of their work but we just followed our instincts. Oh My. There was dancing. Fist pumping. Jumping. Screaming… it’s exactly what we wanted. We ditched the cake-cutting, the bouquet throwing and all those little moments (none of which I love anyways) so we could dance harder and longer!

5) My family  + friends

I had more than enough willing helpers in our family and friends. Everyone helped out in their own little way. From collecting our flowers, to setting up the room, to driving my parents around and keeping them calm (thanks Tommy!) to dropping off bags, doing my hair, to seating our guests. I was so overwhelmed that we had such amazing people in our lives who actually WANTED to help!


6) The MC Duo


Christopher’s cousins Marcelo and Christian went above and beyond. It made me so emotional to witness how much effort and love they put into the experience. Marcelo even learn how to congratulate and welcome us in Arabic! They were natural, warm, inviting, humorous and just simply incredible. Not to mention their matching bow-ties.


I could go on. Truly. It was magic. And it made me realise that real happiness and therefore your wellness, the balance within your internal compass, your health and the way you view the world comes from appreciating the little things within the big moments. To soak it up, to smile, to laugh and to share it all with loved ones. It’s all about the heart-to-heart connection. We didn’t have alot of money (we did the flowers ourselves, the styling we crafted and made, my dress was pretty cheap, we didn’t have cars or a wedding cake either) but it was the most spectacular experience because it was real, honest, loving and ALIVE.

Ask yourself right now – what are you grateful for? Where do you find love in your life and how can you experience more JOY. Real joy.

love + light to you,




  1. Claire, your day looked TRULY perfect. From the dress (wow wow WOW) to the intimate table setting and the way you just RADIATE health and love… it all looked magical. This line in your post made me tear up a little: "How could I not offer up thanks to the universe for delivering me such a beautiful man" because I feel the exact same way about my husband. How lucky we are. Congrats again beautiful xx.

  2. Claire, you looked stunning and the day looked perfect. I'm so happy for you both. I'm with you re. all those things that don't really matter how many people really like fruit cake anyway? ;0) How wonderful that it was all about the sentiment rather that the accessories, but still so beautifully stylish. Congratulations, wishig you all the best for a long, happy and healthy future together. N x

  3. Thanks Rach!! You are way too sweet. It was incredible, we can't stop talking about it and smiling at each other. Blessed beyond belief. I'm sure your husband feels the same about you – truly blessed to have you! Hoping I get to meet you f2f one day and give you a big old love hug xx

  4. Thank you Nicola! I don't like fruit cake either! Ha. It was very much about the sentiment. We wanted to celebrate and to us that was love, dancing, good food and laughter. Hope you are well and sending you lots of love x

  5. Congrats! Just gorgeous Claire – can I say firstly you looked absolutely radiant. Your day sounded magical + so very romantic + very perfect! What a wonderful venue. So feel the very same about my hubby + feel so blessed and grateful for a wonderful man. We truly are lucky ladies. x

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