At what point do you stop listening to that voice in your head that convinces you to sleep-in instead of move your body?

When do we finally say ENOUGH to that little self-sabotaging bitchy girl (or boy!) we all have within that does everything to keep us stuck, blocked, limited and unhappy.

Wouldn’t you like to dive head-first into life without second guessing yourself all the time?

We all have it. I’m talking about the ego. The ‘small-self’. That inner ‘voice’ that trips us up and plays games with us – holding us back from living, growing, achieving, being in our greatness

Deepak Chopra describes the ego as our self-image, but not our true self, characterized by labels, masks, images, and judgments.

What we think isn’t always the truth

The way ‘we think’ we see ourselves is simply a perception that we believe to be true. A perception fed to us by the ego – the small self. The ego is smart and incredibly subtle. It plays in a world of judgment, expectations, agendas, credit, blame, building us up and tearing us down.

Think about that moment when you are laying in bed, the alarm has just gone off. The night before you made the promise to get up and exercise, but you can’t get out of bed. Then the ego or small-self chimes in:

  • ‘Oh, you are tired – stay and rest, you deserve it’. (Credit!)
  • ‘What’s the point of exercising anyway, you won’t lose any weight and you never feel good’.  (Judgment!)
  • ‘The Personal Trainer is a total cow, she hates you and at the last session she picked on you’. (Blame!)
  • ‘But if you don’t go you’ll never fit into those jeans’ (Agendas! Tearing down!)
  • ‘You don’t need to exercise, you are fine the way you are’. (Building up!)
  • ‘You know you look fat in your tights, it’s so embarrassing’. (Judgement, tearing down’
  • ‘Maybe if you move your butt you might get a smaller butt and then a boyfriend!’ (Expectations. Agendas!)

Sound familiar? It’s because we all have one – an ego that is. That mean, inner voice. We can’t get rid of it, nor do we want to.

However, there is hope. We aren’t completely held hostage by the ego.

Our awareness can be the biggest game-changer ever.

You see, our true self is a field of infinite possibilities, creativity, intentions, and power. We can go beyond the ego through self-awareness. The more aware we are of our own thoughts, feelings, actions, words, behaviours of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, the more we begin to see the ego and it’s games. We can call the shots and instead connect with what feels true for us and what we know is ultimately best for us.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of an inner battle – you and your small self – remember this. There is another you – the real you – the higher self that is infinite, powerful, special. You are not your ego. You have to live with it, but it’s not you. That is the truth – you are not those limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You are greater than that. Stay connected to the voice that speaks the truth, call upon that inner strength and guidance and make a decision from there. Move forward in your life from an intuitive feeling instead of a misleading ego-based thought.

You will begin to retrain how you think, feel and behave knowing the truth of who you really are.

Find Freedom from the voices in your head!

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love + light,

Claire x

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