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On my nightstand there is always a whole bunch of random stuff – an eye mask and heat pillow, hand cream, a gold cat (like you see in china town) and a box of worry dolls. I am frequently tidying it up and packing things away. Except the one constant is the pile of books. Sometimes there is only one book, other times a whole lot more. Lately, there have been a few and I’d like to share them with you today.
Some are books I’m frequently referencing, but have finished ‘reading’ a long time ago. Others I’m in the middle of reading. Yep, I even multi-task when it comes to books.
Check these out… hopefully something jumps out at you.

1) When things fall apart – Pema Chodran
I picked this book up after a yoga teacher read an excerpt during a class and it really resonated with me. It is FULL of amazing little nuggets, that just make so much sense.  It talks about a ‘fundamental happiness that is readily available to all of us’ despite pain, fear, anxiety. It’s a must read. Eye opening
2) The five people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom
After reading Tuesday’s with Morrie (read about it here) I was intrigued to find something else from Mitch Albom. I wasn’t disappointed. This book follows the journey of a man after his death where he meets five people on his way to heaven. It’s fascinating and will draw you right in. And of course, it’ll make you think about your own life and perhaps your death.
3) CleanFood Organic
I picked up five of the CleanFood Organic series. They are like a hardcover magazine all about health, food, wellness, organics, climate change, government policy and more. It’s a vital read if you are in the industry or simply wanting to learn and absorb more.
4) The Essential Rumi – Coleman Barks
Poetry. I love words. And I love what people like Rumi do with them. The Essential Rumi is a translation of Rumi’s works by Barks, who reveals the beauty in those words and does so in a way that makes poetry accessible, yet still challenging!
5) Real food for mother and baby – Nina Planck
I am a huge fan of Nina Planck and her approach to food – fresh, wholefood, straight from it’s natural source and untampered. I’m even more in love with the dietary approach she has for women trying to conceive, during pregnancy and of course post. If you are in that stage of life, have a read – especially if eating wholefood, natural fats and fresh produce makes sense to you!
6) Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon
The Bible. Well, at least the nutrition one. This is usually by my bedside and moves from there to the kitchen and back. I tend to reference it more in winter when I’m making more bone broths, soups, stews and so on. But this is such an important reference guide for real nutrition that isn’t afraid of traditional food – fat, butter, milk, meat, eggs.
Happy reading.
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live.



  1. I'm the queen of reading multiple books…re-reading The Invitation, reading Jodi Piccoult's new novel AND a fantasy book about Dwarves. And dabbling in Deepak's Perfect Health…

  2. Thanks Claire,
    I have been looking for some inspiring reading and when I wander around book shops, I can never be confident I'm choosing something that will really hit the spot. These sound great, and I'm going to start reading! Thanks for the tips.

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