The power of silence

The power of silence. Have you heard the phrase “Silence is Golden”? It’s a beautiful idea, isn’t.

Peaceful. Serene. Blissful. Embracing the quiet.

It really conjures up a stunning image of serenity. Alone, on a beach somewhere, with no sound other than the gently crashing waves and the wind whipping through your hair and the sun setting it breathtaking fashion.

But that phrase also has so much more power to it when we place that silence between two people.

When we place silence at the core of any interaction or exchange between two people the result is often a profound shift, realization or revelation.

Recently I attended the Rise Sister Rise event where my spiritual mentor – Belinda Davidson and her new partner in crime, Rebecca Campbell held the space for group of light-seeking, spiritually minded women (and one awesome man). The day included chanting, prayer, white light healings and some group work – the latter which served as powerful reminder to me that SILENCE can often be the best tool we have for transformation.

We were pared up and simply told to ask a series of questions to our partner. Questions that dug deep into fears, soul voice, and desires. We were asked to not say anything, or even respond in any way, other than to hold the space for our new friend and to keep asking the same question over and over until the designated time was up.

We were asked to buy into the power of silence.

As a coach it is part of my work to ‘hold space’ in this way regularly. But it is definitely something I had to ‘learn’ to do. I’ve always been a great listener, but had to learn the art truly hearing someone, without needing to respond, share, guide, impart wisdom, or (worse) interject with your own anecdotes, stories and woes.

At the Rise Sister Rise event I held space for my new friend. It was here that I noticed how often I had to fight the urge to ‘coach’ her. My ego chimed up, internally, more than once, with positive reinforcement, or words of wisdom, or my ‘opinion’.

The feeling often burned within me to speak up to support her.

But, ever the avid student, I heeded the instructions, shushed that inner desire and simply locked my eyes on hers.

My heart connected to hers.

My ears tuned into to her voice.

And I let her speak.

I let my breath be steady, slow, even (just as I do when I’m trying to calm down my bub). A

And I cleared my mind of my own agenda and my ‘opinions’.

What unfolded was beautiful. My new friend peeled off layer after layer. She came to some mind-blowing truths and did so all on her own. Her soul-voice got louder, bolder, clearer. It was given the centre stage and with that it fervently delivered a few golden realisations into the silence we had created.

I try and do this, as often as possible, with my clients but this went a little deeper, and further because someone else had created the parameters. It was four full minutes of staying silent, listening, and hold space so our friend could lean into their soul and reveal their truths.

I said nothing. I breathed. I looked into her eyes. I kept my energy clean and light.

I said nothing.

And … she said everything she needed too. And it was spectacular.

The silence was golden. The power of silence revealed.


How does this insight into silence apply to you? Well there are two ways.

1) Ask a friend to sit with you in stillness, in contemplation.

Explore deep, soul-voice questions together. And hold space for each other.

2)Do the same for yourself in silent meditation.

love + light,

Claire x


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