THE COMMUNE OF LOVE – NYE around a campfire and how it taught me about community

THE COMMUNE OF LOVE – NYE around a campfire and how it taught me about community
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Happy New Year!

Isn’t it such a fantastic feeling. Literally, just one day rolls over – the same as everyday -Yet, we put so much importance on that little, tiny second when the clock ticks over and time enters a new year.

This year I spent the last minutes of 2011 and the first of 2012 around a campfire… singing songs along to the sounds of a guitar. There were friends, good friends – like family. There was good food, there was alot of drinking and even some impromptu creative dance. It was hysterical and moving and exciting and natural.

We timed the new year wrong, we did the count down twice, our feet were dirty, hair undone, no make-up and no designer outfits… but it didn’t matter at all because there was community and connection.

Following NYE, on the first day of 2012 I found myself and this beautiful little community of friends walk to the top of the cliff. We sat on a grassy clearing overlooking the ocean and the setting sun. In turn we each voiced what we were grateful for in the very moment… there was no awkwardness or giggling or embarrasment. Why? Because the sheer beauty of that moment outshone absolutey everything and the connection – the community – made everything feel safe.

There is alot of mayhem around the new year experience (the outfit, the planning, the expectations, the hangover) but if you can view the entrance into the new year as a very special day that deserves acknowledgement in a grounded and nurturing way then it becomes a totally different situation.

The light of a new dawn, the hopes for success, the drive to change, to grow, to build… the simple connection with the universe as we all look forward, together and simultaneously. It’s a very cleansing experience. We are allowed the chance to start over and to try again, with the knowledge and understanding of what has been and gone.  

For me, my experience on this camping trip represented freedom and gratefulness. Instead of being drawn into the chaos and intensity I was amongst like-minded people enjoying the simplicity, being amongst nature and feeling free to let go of 2011 with love and enter 2012 with excitement.

 The biggest lesson I took was that if you tear off the frills, the drama and the ‘must-do’ mentality and instead you fill it with a connected community of beautiful people who are genuine, loving and open then you will invite feelings of joy, comfort, contentedness and even a sense of direction. I felt that no matter what the year holds for me that if I am always surrounded and supported by such a community then what is there to fear or to complain about? Nothing…

So with that I hope that at some point during your NYE celebrations and the first fresh days of 2012 that you can create and enjoy a sense of community. Whether it’s small, or big it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you feel supported and loved and in turn do the same for others.

Wishing you love + light in 2012

Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live.


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