I always get asked what I eat, but never what I avoid. I believe that knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to eat. Here are 13 suggestions to you of foods to avoid in order to maintain a strong GIT (gastrointestinal tract), immune system and overall health.

1) Pasteurised and homogenised milk

I used to drink coffee, but when I found out what happens to our cows and the milk they produce I weaned myself off cofffee. I was never a big drink and I’ll admit to having one here and there, but where possible commerical, processed milk is a no-no. I wrote a post a while back that might help you understand why. Read here.

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2) Any oil that isn’t extra virgin and cold-pressed

This comes down to the processing involved that damages the often very sensitive olive, nut or seed used in popular oils. Other blog posts that will give you more info are here and here. When consuming an oil that isn’t handled correctly it becomes rancid – the once nutritional oil becomes toxic.

3) Vegetable oils

Not to mention the hydrogenation process involved in turning canola, sunflower, soy, corn and safflower into household oils. This, again leaves you with a poor, very unhealthy oil. You will never find these in my cupboard and if I know it’s used to cook something I’ll skip it and opt for something else!

4) Any processed, cured meats

Unless it’s grass-fed and made with a traditional technique I don’t eat salami, store-bought ham or otherwise. Too many chemicals involved to shake a stick at!

5) Margarine or other ‘spreads’

It’s only full-fat real butter or ghee. If it’s pretending to be butter then it’s not passing these lips!

6) Sugar

I don’t add any sugar into my diet. Occasionally raw honey gets a look in or stevia when baking but that’s it. Sugar and I aren’t close friends. Sometimes it sneaks into my life unannounced, but it just gets kicked out asap!


7) Processed cheese

I occasionally indulge in a good quality goat’s cheese, Camembert or brie – but it’s not worth it to have often. It’s hard to find cheese made with raw milk!

8) Fruit

Without any sugar in your diet, it’s ok to enjoy fruit. I still have it sparingly – no more than 1 -2 pieces a day. It just makes me bloated!

9) Junk food

An obvious one but if there are two many ingredients listed, I can’t pronounce the ingredients and it’s entirely processed (most of the supermarket) it’s not in my regular diet.

10) Soft drinks + sugary drinks

I never, ever drink soft drinks. It’s water and tea (and a little wine when I’m celebrating!)

11) Soy milk

I used to drink it once or twice a week in my chai. I loved it. But overtime I came to realise it made me feel sick and a little mucusy. Not to mention the plant based estrogen which are not good for women. Stay tuned for a post next week on soy!


12) Gluten

As much as possible I limit my intake of gluten – especially in sneaky, hidden sources. If I’m having bread I only have sourdough with no added gluten! That also includes delicious pastries … I do love a croissant!

13) Alcohol

Except for a little vino on special occasions (and probably the force-feeding I’ll have at my hens) I’m not into alcohol. As much as you might believe it, it’s actually now a holier-than-thou attitude. I used to drink when I was younger but it was always forced. I’m just not a drinker. Luckily, it’s a positive to not drink too much!

There are more, but the list would just get too long.

I’d love to hear from you – what foods do you avoid and why? I can’t wait to read your responses.

Saha to you,




  1. Hi Bettina, firstly, apologies – it seems my blog posted the draft post and not the finished one! But I'm not at my desk and am having trouble reporting the correct one which fleshes out the above more. But to answer your q as best as I can – milk that's raw generally is from happy grass fed cows (that's not a hard and fast rule though) and butter usually has a lot less lactose and is a good fat source. Raw milk is also easier for most of us to digest. Now, veggie oils like canola and soy and sunflower tend to be hydrogenated and quite toxic. These oils are rancid due to the processing and hold no nutritionally benefit. Olive oils are good for low to moderate heat only because they are very heat sensitive and damage at high temperatures.

    I hope this helps and ill update is post as soon as I get to my desk x

  2. Great post Claire. My list is very similar to yours, though I'm stricter on the dairy but more relaxed about the soy… though not happily so. I know it's really not great for women and the high sugar content (not to mention all the other nasties) in some commercial brands can be cloying – but I do so enjoy the social aspect of a coffee and the nourishment I get from the creamy taste. Argh. Nut milk at home is fine, but obviously a bit harder when you're out and about.

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