Posted March 21, 2012

I’m a fan of smoothies. Nothing new there. What is new though is that with my recent switch to self-employment as a full-time yoga teacher and health coach, I also landed a gig with Urban Remedy as a resident nutrition + lifestyle coach. Twice a week I’m exposed to the joys of juicing and blending. We brainstorm new nutritionally balanced recipes and we try and find ways to include what we understand to be important in cleansing. The reason I love Urban Remedy goes way back to its founding days – which actually began in my kitchen with my beautiful flatmate – Emma Seibold (now the founder of Barre Body in Melbourne). Emma educated me on the benefits of cleansing and green smoothies. But another key reason I’ve got tickets on Urban Remedy comes down to the ease. For many of us making a green smoothie, let alone cleansing, is way to hard and time-consuming. Not enough time, too busy. We’ve all been there. Urban Remedy does both of these just with a quick click. I’m due a cleanse soon and I can’t wait. Nothing makes me feel light, clean, alive and rejuvenated like a 3-day cleanse! But, in the meantime I make sure I keep up the greenage with a few smoothies here and there. Sticking with the time-poor theme I’ve decided to list my favourite on-the-go green or superfood smoothie hits. My local smoothie joints: The Health Emporium – Bondi Road, Bondi Beach They make a mean superfood smoothie with spinach, avocado, coconut milk, maca and spirulina. About Life – Darling Street, Rozelle or Oxford Street Bondi Junction Kale, watermelon and Lime anyone? Or try the cacao, berry and coconut milk! The Suveran – Oxford Street, Bondi Junction You can’t get any greener that the smoothies at the Suv Health Nuts – Kings Cross Shopping Centre I love their bee pollen protein smoothie. It gives me energy before teaching without making me full. Earth Food Store – Hall street, Bondi Beach Yummy berry smoothie Bru – Brighton Blvd – Bondi Beach Coco smoothie with dates And in case you are keen to blend away on your own, try this! Cacao Mint Smoothie Coconut Milk Coconut Meat Coconut Water Mint – BIG handful 2 tbls Cacao Chia seeds Super Green Smoothie Coconut Water Handful of Silverbeet spinach 1/4 Avocado 1 Lemon 1/4 Cucumber 1 Apple Handful Mint 1/4 Celery 1 tsp spirulina Chia seeds Cayenne Pepper Signing off with an exhale. Pause. Listen. Live Cx Read more

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